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Bear medicine

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[QUOTE=Ron Duval;3497188]Considering the field positions that are probable, the recoil of a .40+ rifle may be uncomfortable. QUOTE]

Probably, but not as uncomfortable as being mauled by a bear!

I've shot my Marlin .45/70 Guide Gun with some stout 500 grain loads - kind of a Lott 'primer'! I'm considering the possible situations more than recoil. Adrenaline blocks felt recoil. I'm looking for the stopping power - big, wide, heavy bullets. I appreciate all of the comments guys! Thanks.
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My friends son took a bear with his 375 h&h a year or two ago in Alaska. Not sure on the load but the shot was about 200 yds broadside with a double lung. The bear began heading their direction so he put another into its chest head on. The 3rd shot he caught the shoulder which put him down 90yds out but the bear was still rolling around. It was just under 800 lbs so its a decent bear but man thats a tough animal. Think big and heavy definately with your bullet choice no matter what caliber you choose but Id put the 375 at the min IMO. Just my 2 cents after hearing about their hunt.
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Thanks StillHunter90. I've heard stories exactly like that from a couple other people who stressed that I consider the .416 Rigby to be minimum. Better too much power than not enough!
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i concur with the person who suggested you contact your outfitter and ask his opinion (as a non resident you must have a guide). trailer loads of brown/coastal griz have been killed with 30-06 and 300 win mag. your guide will have the artillery, so let him hump the weight. take a rifle that you are confident with and shoot well. the likelihood of you being charged or attacked are ever so slight. i lived/hunted alaska for many years, using either a 270 win or 30-06. a 30-06 with partitions (either 180 or 200) will handle the bears mentioned and you'll probably shoot it better that the cannons. of course, if you just "want" a big rifle for this hunt you might as well get a 375. but make no mistake, a 30-06 or 300 win mag with a well-constructed bullet will cleanly kill these bears.
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I would go to the source, the guides. Most of them are going to be happier to see you with a gun you shoot well than a big ass gun you cant shoot for beans. Sure, a .375 makes a big hole...where it hits. Will you honestly be able to shoot it frequently enough (both financially, physically be ablt to deal with the recoil and blast, and focus on the shots)to be as proficient with it as if you spent the money on a stack of good premium ammo for another proven gun, like a 30-06 or .300 win mag which is also well proven on big bears? More to it than just the "glory" of the big gun...
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In alll honesty you already have two that will work nicely. The 350 remington with some A Squares or Woodleighs would work nicely out to 300 yds easy. The 45-70 with some Cor Bon, Buffalo Bore or Ultramax loads in the 400 gr range would be some potent medicine. But if your stuck on wanting a new gun I'd have to say either of the 375's would be a good choice. One guy mentioned the 35 Whelen but with a 350 Rem that point is moot.
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