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Old 10-28-2009, 04:31 AM
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I'd lean toward the .375 H&H. It's not so big that you'll be sent reeling and miss a follow-up shot, and while the .338's certainly not small, neither are coastal Browns.

Also another vote for a magazine rifle. No guarantee you'll need it, but when you're into the alders in the rain or snow with a wounded bear in front of you somewhere, fumbling with loose rounds isn't something you need to have distracting you.

But, something that you can carry. My .375's a very pretty rifle, but it's too long and too heavy to handle well in the brush. Lots of manufacturers now build"Alaskan"-type rifles that look in every way to meet the challenges of the weather and terrain of Alaska.

And, lastly, if you put optics on it, you're going to want the lowest power you can go, and quality to match what you're paying for the hunt. You'll absolutely want the widest field of view possible. The venerable Leupold Vari-X III in 1.5-5x was considered the "standard" back in the day. But, better might be available now.
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What about a 375 Remington Ultra Mag ?
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I was going to mention the cost different of the .416 rigby and .375H&H, I remember seeing factory loads for the riby around $200/box I wanna say, but those were federals I think, I think hornady may load some cheaper, like 100/box, I've seen 375 for 70-90/box, not sure what currently they're going for though.

If you get a .458, whatever you do get the .458Lott and not Win.Mag! The lott can shoot the win.mag, and you can load the lott down to I believe even .45-70 levels, but you already have a .45-70, which is perfectly fine for bear, just not sure what kind of range you'd get.

I saw Nugent shoot a elephant inthe head with the 375H&H, though I hear its small for elephant, its certainly a worldwild dangerous game round.
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.340 Wby. Mag. Good luck.
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the 450 marlin hands down
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Got off work early today and spent the afternoon reading the Speer loading manual. The .458 Lott beats all the cartridges discussed so far in the 300 - 350 grain velocity range, and also the 500 grainers. It's up there with the 470N.E. in velocity with 500 grain bullets - just a bit thinner! I'm guessing recoil is an issue? The CZ 550 African is a bit less than $1000 in this caliber. A bit bulky, but a good deal as far as Safari rifles go.
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Originally Posted by daddywpb
A bit bulky, but a good deal as far as Safari rifles go.
"Bulky" is bad in Alaska. I'm certain it would work, and I'm a huge fan of the CZ550, but I'm not the one who's going to be lugging it around there. Even guided Alaskan hunts are very physically demanding. Anything you do to save weight and lighten the load is a worthwhile venture.
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I got my 375 H&H this past year and it shoots like a dream..I can use it for big game, i.e. brown bear, moose, and even deer for those 300yd shots. I am planning a brown bear/ sitka deer hunt in the near future and this gun will fit the bill perfectly.

I own several 300wm but wanted something with a little more if you know what I mean. Like you, I pondered those other calibers but settled on the 375 after talking to many guys I know that own all those different calibers and the 375...

When I target practice I shoot the remington core lockts..a box cost me about 44 bucks. On my hunting ammo I got it set up with 270gr. Recoil is not a problem as I have a brake...

Good luck with your choice...but for me, I love the 375.
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The lott will recoil more then a rigby fo sho. FYI, numbers wise basing on 10lb rigs at expected velocities for each: the 458 lott with 500gr bullet puts out inexcess of 70lbs of free recoil. The 416 Rigby with 400gr pills is 58lbs. Compare that to a 375 H&H with a 300gr pill produces around 37lbs. My 338wm with 250gr pills isn't much off the H&H, memory serves me correctly it was 35.5lbs. 225gr are about 34lbs. These are just numbers they give you an idea what report to expect with different cartridges, but in no way the whole story. Everybody reacts differently to felt recoil.

The 375 H&H has to be one of the most used cartridges for DG. Part of the reason being for its ability/performance but remarkably shootable (to more people). It is more affordable as you have found out & has a more practical side to it, as well.
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nothing wrong with a 30/06 with 200 gr partitions as a reasonable minimum, 180s will work too. Hard to go wrong with any of the 300s, 338s or 375s loaded with decent bullets.
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