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What Do You Use...

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Default What Do You Use... your stoves at night to stay warm? We bought 2 outfitter tents this year and both have stoves. We are going to use one for sleeping and the other for cooking and storage. The storage tent is smaller but has a smaller stove. We are going to store all of our water containers in the smaller tent and do not want it to freeze. We are going to to try wood and charcoal. Any suggestions on using these stoves and how to get the most warmth for the longest amount of time??? Any help or advice at all will be very appreciated.

Thanks Bryan
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A really good sleeping bag...

Have used wall tents for years...they just get is part of the ambiance
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A really good sleeping bag...

I would agree. My main sleeping bag is rated to -10 (I wouldn't take it that low, because I probably wouldn't survive it even clothed). But the first seven day trip with it water bottles inside the the tent froze solid. Overnight. When the daily high had been in the 60's. Yet I was completely comfortable.

To keep warmth going you'll want to build a good bed of coals, and I think wood will work better for that than charcoal. But good sleeping bags, and maybe someone to curl up against, will be even more important. Once you break the $100 price tag you'll start reaching decent sleeping bags. Also, bring good thermal underwear (long sleeved top and bottom)...long johns don't count. You want synthetics and not cotton.
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anytime I've slept in a wall tent with a wood burning stove they've been toasty, and of course a warm sleeping bag.

Once you get that stove going and put some decent logs in there it should burn and heat a long while...
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We have always just used wood. Stoke it for awhile to get good coals and then feed it throughout the night. There is always someone in camp that brings a less than adequate sleeping bag that tends to be up all night freezing and putting wood in the stove.

Also sleep on a cot. Do not sleep on the ground as it stays cold all the time.
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Not just a cot, but put a pad underneath it...we also put out heavy clothes under the pad...I also wear a beanie hat to cover up my mellon...

but in all seriousness, unless someone stokes the fire all night, it is going to get cool...I pack with horses, and I always go in with atleast two sleeping bags...(keep in mind I am in Montana) and one is good to -20 and the other is the alaska guie model big rectangular one good to is always easier to open it up and cool down than warm up from freezing...

there have been some nights where my feet froze, so, I started wearing socks to bed even in the early fall cuts down on sweat, and it keeps them warm in cold nights...

but my time sleeping in wall tents is coming to an a nice camper, and can ride from the camper on horses...much more cozy!!!
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