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.270 enough... ?

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The late Jack O'Conner made a very good living shooting and writing about his beloved .270. Accuracy is the most inportant "caliber".

I've succesfully used the 308, 7mmRemMag, 30-06, 280, & 7mm-08. Dead deer, elk, etc. could not tell the difference.

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If ya want get an idea of what the .270 is capable of read some of Jack O'connorrs writings. IMO it's an excellent round for all North American game. Yeah if ya jump a grizzly you'll want more gun but if ya got time to place the the shot it'll kill them also. Being you have the hand loading capabilities you'll love that caliber.
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30-06 is the best there is, bar none.
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since you don't own a "bigger" rifle now, and elk are going to be on your list of annual hunts, i suggest you just start with a 30-06. the great 270 win will certainly kill elk, but the 06' has a little more powder, shoot a little heavier bullet, and offers a little more insurance. good luck.
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While the 270 Winchester is good for deer. I would prouble say the 270 WSM or the 300 Wsm would bring down a elk, or caribou. Know, I'm no expert, but the 270 wsm with a 130 grain bullet will do just fine on most big game, but you will need some thing larger for animals like moose or grizzly bear. I would say you would need a 338 win mag for a moose or grizzly bear.
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Originally Posted by jeep2000
after predator hunting with my 22-250 i would like to move up to large game. i wanted a caliber that could take hogs to elk and wanted to know if the .270 was enough to fill this void. i spend alot of time at the range and handload so wanted a caliber that was fun and accurate at distance to shoot with a pretty flat trajectory if possible. would a .308 be better for the game i'd like to take? any other suggestions? people also mention 30-06? thanks.
Haven't read any of the responses, but if you want one rifle to do it all, do yourself a favor and get the 30-06. It is unarguable the better choice for bigger game, and has ammo to download for smaller game.
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I would go with the .270 WSM since you handload. I shoot 140gr Accubonds over H4831 out of mine and have taken several elk all being 1 shot kills. I get extremely good accuracy with the accubonds out of my Mod 70.
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This typed in some time ago but hits it on the head ever time when we get a is this big enough thread !


by RedRiver:
IMHO....I would recommend a sharp stick! Here is my logic.....
More game has been killed with it than any other.
It doesn't weigh very much.
It is readily available.
Very little recoil. (Provided you throw it. If you stab him with it you could get a little reverb)
As long as you limit yourself to the range you are comfortable with(i.e. don't try to stab him from a range longer than your stick)and use proper point placement, you will be satisfied with the results!!!
Just remember to get comfortable with your stick and practice sufficiently to acquire the proper confidence.

As an added bonus, when you realize that you have spent all this money, time and effort on what could have been an outstanding hunt, perhaps even the hunt of a lifetime, but yet had to pass up your shot due to the fact that you un-necessarily handicapped yourself by trying to use the least amount of force possible............
you can use your stick to actually do a field study as to whether that realization at that particular point in time is any more painful than a sharp stick in the eye!!!
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30-06 would be a lot better, but a 270 would do... The 270 has to much powder for the size of bullet, so when you shoot something with it, your gonna have a big patch of jellied meat around the bullet hole... Not to say a 30-06 wont do that but it wouldn't be as much wasted meat... with the 30-06, you can get a HUGE choice in diffrent ammo, I think you can get the bullets up to 210 grains, and that would bring an elk down very well!
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When I pull out my elk rifle every year I don't think about short range and slow and heavy. I think about what if that bull is standing 500 yds from me above timberline and there's not a bush big enough to hide a rabbit behind between him and me. That's what crosses my mind. So I prefer speed and trajectory and accuracy over heavy bullets. I guess that's what makes me different. I won't explain in detail just pull some numbers off remington's charts for example's. Then I'll list my hand load at the bottom.

270 win vs. 30-06 at 300yds and beyond.

130gr 270 Factory Ammo
Velocity 300-2425 400-2232 500-2048
Energy 300-1697 400-1438 500-1211
Trajectory 300-6.5 400-18.8 500-38.2

150gr 30-06 Factory Ammo
Velocity 300-2298 400-2111 500-1934
Energy 300-1758 400-1485 500-1246
Trajectory 300-7.3 400-21.1 500-42.3

180gr 30-06 Factory Ammo
Velocity 300-2186 400-2028 500-1878
Energy 300-1910 400-1644 500-1409
Trajectory 300-8.3 400-23.9 500-47.9

130gr 270 win My Hand Loads
Velocity 300-2604 400-2411 500-2227
Energy 300-1957 400-1678 500-1432
Trajectory 300-5.6 400-16.3 500-33.1

The 270's 130gr factory loads compete really well against the 30-06's factory loads in two heavier grain bullets. Of course this is 300yds and beyond. The 270win is a lot flatter and would be a lot easier to judge hold over or adjust clicks on a target scope. I put my data in the mix to show you at those ranges my hand loads are flying faster, hitting harder, and have a lot less room for error than of a standard factory load in a 30-06. I love the 30-06 round it's a great one. But it don't have what i'm looking for in my long range shooting and ballistic coefficient in down range shooting. If I were to only shoot 200yds and under sure why not load the ole 30-06 with 200gr bullets and get after it.

So to say I'll choose the 30-06 over the 270 win in my gun cabinet I'd have to say that ole model 70 30-06 has been collecting dust for a lot of years now.

Sorry for the charts the site wouldn't let me copy and paste the originals. I posted this to put a lot of myths to bed. They are both from the same case but different in bore size. Both can hold the same amount of powder but one can push a bullet a tad faster is all and the other can be loaded with a heavier bullet. That's about the size of it.
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