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.270 enough... ?

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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander
.270 is more than enough. put one ino the kill zone and it is a done deal.

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Here we go again! LMAO!

A .270 is enough for sure but there are better choices for elk. I would highly consider a 30.06. I have been shooting a 300 RUM for elk for several years and a .270 for mulies. I have a 30.06 that shoots better than any gun I own and I'm considering going back it for all of my big game. (deer size and larger) There are a ton of variables but one thing always stands out in these type of threads....the 30.06 is the one rifle that is the best do it all rifle and is recommened by most as the best. When I was a kid all you ever heard about for elk and deer hunting was a 30.06 and a 30/30. You can buy factory loads for a 30.06 from 100 grain all the way up to a 220 grain. It's just a great round and the ammo availibility is unsurpassed by any other round on the market.
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270 is fine for elk, shot placement is key on everything. I notice you handload. Therefore the 30-06 would offer more ability to gain a handloading edge.
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my dad has an 06 and anything he hits with the 165gn sierra game kings just drop on the spot and the bullet holds up good.maybe even try 180 or 200 gn pills.
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Sure the 270win will kill elk and moose,so will the 243win.I just prefer to use something larger to hunt elk and moose.
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I would get the 270 win. Learn how to shoot it and shoot it well in all conditions and never look back. It's about shot placement and that's the bottom line. There are plenty of calibers to pick from out there but a 270 is one you won't have a problem with nor any of the others listed before.
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The .270 will definitely kill an elk with a properly placed shot. I prefer a little more bang, however. IMHO the .300 WBY mag is the best all-around caliber on the market. Accurate, great at long distances and BEASTLY knock-down power. I absolutely love my Vanguard, and even though it is a bottom line Weatherby rifle, it shoots extremely accurately...especially at the range! (Somehow those critters being out there make it a little more difficult)
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I know a bloke who owns a .338winny mag and he hit a fallow deer and dropped it plus the spray effect on the tree about 5 metres behind it was covered in blood and fur.

this picture is of my dads first deer using nosler ballistic tips which were **** then he found the game kings and never looked back.
Attached Thumbnails .270 enough... ?-first-deer2.jpg   .270 enough... ?-first-deer-3.jpg  
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I use a .280 Ackley Improved. The .280Rem, 270, and 30-06 are all based on the same cartridge. All three will kill any game in the lower 48 states. The advantage the 280 has over the 270 would be wider bullet selection but either one will work well.
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your 270 is perfectly adequate providing you place your shot(s) properly and use the right bullet.
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