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DIY archery elk tips?

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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

Some excellent suggestions above. When I went on a DIY in Colorado I spent a ton of time on the phone with local DFG people. They know my name by the end of my 'scouting' calls. All were really helpful and got me into a great area. Saw elk every day, sometimes tons of them. Now, I was also holding out for a big elk and was that a bad idea. I could have killed any number of small 4x4 and 5x5s and cows but was SURE I was going to get a shot at a big boy. My advice is take the first legal animal you can. After you've taken a couple of them start holding out for a bigger animal.
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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

FYI check out the post by Cannonw24 right below yours. I'd rather bag that elk than come home empty handed--especially if i'd never gotten one before.
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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

Montana has already drawn for this year. Did you draw your general tag? If so, and you want a "quality area" the special permit draw entries have to be in soon. Again, good luck.
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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

Nothing wrong with having goals! The right unit at the right time & your goal is achievable. Something to seriously consider is the fact you're looking in the realm of a Herd Bull only when you start putting 300" Class Bulls plus in your sights! Since you have time to prepare mentally & physically start focusing heavily on dealing with every aspect to hunt/call herd bulls only! Herd bulls can be very vulnerable to calling without a doubt, "timing" of calls is crucial to get them to "react" to situations! Many times a guy starts out Spot & Stalk but more times than not Calling of some sort is necessary to seal the deal, you want to be ready for just those occasions!
Calling Herd Bulls in consistently is an Art & requires discipline & the know how, bone up on this. One huge key to success is one must pose a Threat to him or his harem to get a true reaction or commitment from such bulls, you do not work Herd Bulls the same as Satellites or you'll be on the losing end of the stick much more so than not! Aggressiveness when
needed" is very important & not to be taken for granted! There's as much training needed in this avenue as in getting into shape physically! Don't fall into the most common trap & try bugling your way to the Bull from 100's of yards out. Active wallows at the right time can be deadly as well on those big guys! Good Luck!

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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

I think you've been watching way too many b.s. hunts on the Outdoor Channel if you think there's something wrong with your first elk (and with a bow!!!) being sub 300". I know a lot of guys that live in MT and have bowhunted there for years and haven't shot a 300+ bull, or a bull period for that matter. I'm going to agree with the other posters and say that 5-days is way too short for a legitimate hunt. Even if you can extend your hunt a few days I would highly recommend that you set your sights on just taking any legal elk...bull or cow.

Just for areality check/comparison, my father-in-law bowhunts MT every year and he'll hold out for 300+ bulls because he's taken a lot of elk (most of which were well under 300). He lives in MT, owns a ranchthat's adjacent to some prime elk hunting mountains, and he takes about 3-4 weeks off to hunt every fall. He scouts his hunting areas all year round and knows incredible detail about the animals and the area. That said he hasn't taken a bull the last couple years.

Not trying to rain on your parade, but you really do need to come back down to earth and realize that your expectations are way too high. If you're really not concerned with getting an elk and just want to see them and go camping,then just take a vacation to Yellowstone. If you actually want to hunt elk and you get a spike you can consider yourself extremely lucky.

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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

Hopefully this helps a little.
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Default RE: DIY archery elk tips?

I have not done it,but have a good friend as a source.He said early in the season the biggest bulls are up real high.(The one's you are after).He said to look for water,and small openings at the highest elevations.You can find water on topo's,and clearings/elevations on google earth.He said the pressure starts on the elk 2 days before the season comes.People start scouting/spooking them,and they go way back.His advice to me was to find these high elevation areas with water/small openings atleast 1 1/2 miles away from travel roads.He told me to get started hiking way before daylight,and you can catch the bulls unaware,and catch some that are getting pushed up by other hunters below.Also be very aware of the wind!

I am looking forward to your adventure please keep us posted!I will have a 5 day time frame on my trip as well when I do it.I think with an extra day or two pre-scouting you can make it happen in a day or 3's worth of hunting.I believe these guys on here when they say it takes a bigger time frame,but I like you have very limited time,and as others have said atleast being out there you have a chance.Sounds like you don't mind tag

Good luck and keep us posted!
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