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game4lunch 01-27-2009 10:04 AM

RE: Food Plot For Mule Deer
My first thought was, "Do the regs there allow food plots?" The Game Warden might consider that putting in a food plotwould bebaiting.
If baiting big game in your area is legal, then you can't go wrong with corn.
I get the impression you'd be putting it in a fairly arid climate. If so, then I'd go with a mix of small grains like alfalfa, wheat, and sorghum.
Also pay close attention to where you put it. Small openings in the trees is good because it allows cover nearby.
I wouldn't make several small ones, rather than one big.

finnbear 01-27-2009 11:27 AM

RE: Food Plot For Mule Deer
LOL!!! I guess U didn't understand the type of area I was considering LOL!!!! pretty much sagebrush and open ground, no water except for rain!!!..and yes it is legal to hunt over bait in Washington!!! of course i've hunted here for about 45 yrs.and just found this out this year LOL!!!!! I know that i can get it to grow along with wheat and other grains... I was just wondering if anyone had done this in the past!!!

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