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The Ultimate Elk Rifle

Old 04-01-2003, 11:56 AM
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

a 35whelan would be nice because not only is it a great cartridge but its something not everyone uses
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

30-30 with mild loads.
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

Ultimate would be one of those .50 cal. chain guns thy' re usin in Iraq. I mean there wouldn' t be any follow up shots with that puppy. And if by chance you did need one,well theres a cahin of ammo on the thing. He ain' t gettin away[&:]
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

I' ve only hunted elk once so I' m no expert but I like the 7mm mag. It' s fast, shoots flat and retains a lot of energy down range. I like the Federal Premium Trophy Bonded in 175 grain. Recoil isn' t bad either.

This gun will take down any large game animal in North America.
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Old 04-05-2003, 11:13 PM
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

I' d choose the .270 Weatherby Magnum. It flies as fast and hits as hard as just about anything, and recoil is mild enough that I can shoot it from the most stable position: Prone. It also is rather pleasant to practice with and it doesn' t kick hard enough to make the average shooter flinch, therefore providing maximum power and superior bullet placement.

The 150gr Nosler Partition or similar premium bullet is all you would ever need to kill an elk out to any reasonable range.
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

All around would be my Win M70 7mm Rem Mag w/ Leupold 3x9, 175gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw handloads.No failures with this combo.
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

.300 Rem Ultra Mag
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

I have a question as much as a comment. I did a little looking before posting, but didn' t see much on the .270. I am headed to southwest colorado, as the handle implies, for my first elk hunt. I have a very accurate .270 win Savage with a 3-9 scope. I dropped a whitetail at 385 paces in his tracks with it. Not bragging (well maybe a little[8D]), but just wondering if it' s a good choice to the elk hunt? Otherwise I' m going to trade off a couple of guns and go with a .338, 7mm mag, or .300 win mag. I like savage and really like the new accutrigger. Problem is it only comes in a heavy barrel and in 7mm and .300wm and I' m wondering if its to much weight to lug around for ah.... I believe the term is ah ...... ah...... a flatlander?
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

I use a 270 almost exclusivly for elk hunting. My grandfather gave it to me about 8 yeaars ago and between myself and him it has accounted for 11 elk all but one only took one shot. I feel very comfortable using the 270 out to 300 - 350 yards. Great bullets for elk in the 270 would be a failsafe, barnes X, TBBC, nosler partition in 140 - 160 grains. I personally use 140 grain failsafes and TBBC' s. If you are comfortable with your Savage then by all means use it!
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Default RE: The Ultimate Elk Rifle

My concern is this, My buddy that set up the trip was there last year. He was talking to one of the guides. The guide said that the two biggest bulls were taken at 500 yards across a revine or valley. I know my 270 isn' t camable of that shot. I' m not expecting a big bull. but if the opertunity presents, I want to have the ability.

We are scheduled for the first season in the southwest corner of the state. I' m not sure of the zone. Other boards have indicated that the first season should be easier to get close if necessary? Comments? Thansk for the help.
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