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Camp food

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Default Camp food

Ok guys, I am going to the Elk woods for the first time this year with 7 other guys that have been going for years. They have everything worked out well it looks like and I am resposible for cooking at least one night. The way they do it is you have the food cooked and then freeze it then heat it up in the field. My question is what in the world can I cook that will provide all of the calories that we will be needing. This is not a guided hunt so we will be doing everything ourselves. They normally cook gumbo and stuff like that. It has to be a lot of food and very hearty. They have already ruled Spaghetti out and I don't eat that anyway. My wife said Lasagna but, I am not sure. Thanks
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Default RE: Camp food

Tigerfan, last year I went hunting in Colorado and was in camp with some fellas from North Dakota who had been going for years, and he froze meals in bags like beef stew and other foods like that. I think he had lasagna for one meal. I know he had made some kind of stew out of Pheasant also. He had potatoes, carrots and other vegetables also. He used a machine and the bags that come with it to get all the air out and keep the freshness in, brain cramp, cannot think what they call that machine. I am sure you know what I mean. We also brought in hamburg for cooking spaghetti there too, and for hamburgers.
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Default RE: Camp food

We usually do not freeze food already prepared but sometimes we do. The machine you are mentioning is a vacumm sealer. They do come in handy as you can freeze in the bags and throw them in boiling water to cook it. We eat anything with protein and carbs. So anything with meat and noodles. Spaghetti being number 1 on the list but you threw that out.

You will be so tired at the end of the day that you will not want to cook so taking frozen meals is a smart choice.
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Default RE: Camp food

I would reccommend Clif bars!!! they are my saving grace! They are a meal in a rapper!!!
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Default RE: Camp food

Make up a bunch of hamburger milk gravy and have over biscutts or buy some type of bread to pour over. Fry a couple pounds of hamburger, drain and remover burger, toss in a hand full or so of flour, depending on how thick you want your gravy, pour in milk, based on amount of gravy you want, the more the better, simmer and whisk until no clumps are left, add burger back into pan, stir over medium heat until thickened (salt and pepper to taste), cool and put in containers to freeze. Reheat in camp, pour over bread and enjoy. Nothing like gravy when your cold and tired.
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Default RE: Camp food

We try to do this as well. Cook everything a head of time and put it in seal-a-meal bags and they we just throw the whole bag in a big pot and boil it to heat it up. We serve it right out of the bag and use the heated water for cocoa. No dishes to wash.

Foods we make are ...
- chili mac/goulash - elbo maccaroni, hamburger, corn, and El Pato brand enchilada sauce (good and spicy)
- fajitas - sliced meat, onions, peppers; just heat and throw in a tortilla. You can warm the tortillas on a griddle. It's nice to have something hot to warm your hands up.
- breakfast burritos - same as above just eggs, sausage, etc in the bag. You can spice it up by using chorizo instead of sausage
- Bratworst or any other sausage grilled and then warmed in the bag and put in big hoagie roll with all the fixings
- Stew or soup (any kind is good)

I also try to through stuff in with a lot of carbs - Hudson Bay Bread (recipies on the net), honey buns, pop tarts, hostess fruit pies, etc.


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Default RE: Camp food

We would heat water for Folgers instant coffee bags, and eat big blueberry muffins for breakfast for something quick in the morning. I like either perked coffee or coffee maker coffee, but 7 miles in it tasted pretty good. We were tired as heck when we got back at night so just heating up them meals in boiling water was quick and he made a lot of it. It was good too. I am used to camp hunting for whitetails, but not sleeping in a big wall tent at 20deg. in the morning and crawling out when its that cold. Our camp stoves go out at night sometimes but it doesn't get that cold in there, someone is always getting up and putting wood in stove. no matter how much wood you put in the tent we still was qiute cold. That took a few days to get used to.
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Default RE: Camp food

Thanks guys. The way that they told me was to make the dish and put it in (2) gallon size ziplok bags so that we could put it in boiling water just like you guys said. I feel much better knowing that other people do this as well. These guys have been doing this for 20 years and I have known most of them my entire life. I don't want to cook the same things that they cook and these guys can cook like you wouldn't believe, I don't want to be "that guy" if you know what I mean. I plan on doing more than my share cause I know that all eyes will be on me. I've hunted my whole life but, have always had nice camps or hunted property that we owned by our house and you could drive right up to them, so this will be an adventure I am sure. Thanks again guys, anything else you can think of as far as advise or anything please, let me know. Thanks
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Default RE: Camp food

What about red beans and rice with sausages? That is always good when it is cold and very filling.....just a thought.

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Default RE: Camp food

The options are almost limitless for this type of "cooking".

We have done everything from an entire pot roast meal for ten guys to omelets to order in ziplock bags and boiling water.

A hearty stew is almost always a good choice.

I made a big bunch of rice in one gallon bag, and a bag each of seasoned chicken and beef with the peppers and onions already cookedfor Fajitas, Tortilla are great camping food as it doesn't matter if they get a little squished.

Another make ahead meal is salibury steak and pasta in separate bags.You can make as much or as little as you want.

Good chili is another option.

Really just about any meal you enjoy can be adapted to this type cooking.

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