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Backpack List....OK??

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Default RE: Backpack List....OK??

Second the Big Agnes insulated (down) air pad, so much more comfy than a foam pad. Take a pair of liner gloves too, they're like the liner socks but for your hands and they're suprizingly warm.

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maybe its already been mentioned but i always carry a couple of bandanas. i usually carry red but anything bright. i use it to mark the spot i shoot from so its easier to locate when i start blood trailing. works really well if you shoot across a draw or something and you have to lose sight of your spot. and you can use them for all kinds of things. i tie one around my neck or face when its really cold. ive used them for bandaging up cuts, scrubbing dirty windsheilds, fixing a torn pack strap, used it as a replacement lanyard for my field glasses, and cleaning dust or snowoff my scope lenses.
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Default RE: Backpack List....OK??

This has turned into a great thread guys. Thanks for all the great info. I already have a bunch of the stuff (Big Anges included), so I probably won't buy new stuff just to have something different.

I mus say that I am really surprised at the number of internal frame users here. I always thought that people used more externals, due to the ability to lash sleeping bags/pads to the frame, as well as packing out game. I'll only be packin gear to camp with it, I have another daypack for hunting.

How is packing out game with an internal??? Any doesn't seem like it would be as secure.
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Default RE: Backpack List....OK??


in an internal pack you can tighten down the load to get it not to move much while hiking back to camp or down the mountain. the newer packs on the market that i mentioned earlier (badlands & eberlestock) are two great examples. Go to their websites and read over the packs.

one other item to help in getting your total weight down, is the pack itself. getting a good pack can save you a few lbs in weight.

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Default RE: Backpack List....OK??

I agree leave the ax. We hunted the high country last year in Idaho and we used way less fuel than we thought, only 2 cans for 4 guys on a 5 day hunt.
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Default RE: Backpack List....OK??

Here is the list that I pack from. I set up the amount of food x the number of days that I will be out in the mountains. On a long hunt (18) days, I packed in the extra food ahead of time and burried it so I did not have to carry 18 days of food. Don't be afraid to use your soap to do some laundry while on the hunt. I can hunt a whole week on 45 lbs......

Items for bivy hunt:


-Socks (1 pr each day) under armor
-Under armor t-shirts- 1 for each 2 days- anti microbial- no more than 3 total- if so - wash them while your hunting.
-Underwear- medalist antimicrobial with skinetics technology
-Cold gear – medalist silvermax 2 layer ¼ zip top, 2 pr medalist silvermax 2 layer pants. Rutwear or Rivers West misseason pants and jacket
- 1 pr Treklite convertible pants and treklite shirt
- under armor cap or sitka cap
-Gloves- non cotton
-Fleece vest
- Kenetrek mountain boots


-Eureka Zeus 1 man bivy tent (bad weather expected)
-Thermarest pad or foam pad- ¾ body
-Sleeping bag- light as you can get and stay warm- Marmot or Sherpa designs, 15 degree bag unless bad weather is expected
-XPG 10 foot tarp or Noah's wing- bivy sack recommended with this- replaces tent
-Vaseline fire starter (emergency)
-Parachute cord


-Pocket rocket stove- MSR- snow peak will work also
-2 can fuel
-Method of lighting stove (waterproof matches and lighter)
-Mountain house meals (1 each day)(supper)
-Oatmeal (3 packets each day)(breakfast)
-Calculate the hunt pack needed from Wilderness Athlete for mid day nutrition.
-1 tuna or chicken package each day (lunch)
-Titanium cup for cooking- 8 oz min.
-Filtration bottle or like- iodine tablets can substitute filtration if desired


-Toothpaste- small travel tube ½ full
-No scent soap- ½ bar
-No scent deodorant
-Contacts and pocket mirror/ mirror can be used for signaling( I wear glasses)
-Toilet paper
-Antibiotic ointment
-Duct tape for body repair and blister treatment- can substitute stitches until you can get out.


-2 Alaskan game bags
-Knife and sharpener- I take 3 breakable blade utility knives- very light and sharp.
-Range finder
-2 cyclops headlamps- LED
-Alarm clock

All clothing items should be packed in freezer bags with the air squeezed out and sealed to create a vacuum. Cuts down on space and protects clothing. 2 gallon bags work great.
Sort and package your food items in individual ziplock bags for each day, this will not only make things neater, but will also be a good way to make sure that you get your proper nutrition each day while in the backcountry.

I started this list several years ago and threw out items that I did not need and added items that I did need

I spend 40 or so days a year in the backcountry and found that this is the stuff that works. This will cover me in the heat of the day, and the cool of the night and helps me survive whatever mother nature can dish out.

Just remember this COTTON KILLS !!!!!

for more info and tips, check out the link on my signature and go to the online magazine tab, there is some good info on preparing for a hunt like yours!
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Default RE: Backpack List....OK??

I would really try and get that weight down as much as possible. Just don't skimp on food, seems like a person rarely brings enough! One of my favorite splurge items is powdered Gatorade - doesn't weigh much, but it sure tastes great up on the mountain!!

You'll want an eating utensil, I would go with a spork (titanium if you can spring the extra few dollars).

Would also drop the lantern, but that's just me. All I've ever taken in is a LED headlamp and flashlight (like at least 2 light devices in case one breaks)....

Not sure what you are thinking when you mention pot? I would go with something that isn't that big, more like a large cup.

For the stove, go as light and small as you can. Someone mentioned a pocket rocket... That would be great.
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