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What to hunt next?

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Default RE: What to hunt next?

You options are getting pretty slim if you are hoping for lower 48 or Alaska with out a guide.
Here are my opinons.
1.Mt Lion
2.Shira's Moose(apply as many states as you canaford)
5.Couse deer or Black Tail
6.Roosevelt Elk
7.Mt Goat
8.BigHorn sheep
If you don't like that the you are going to have to up the Trophy size and get bigger animals.
Good Luck
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

You better to hunt tiger, that is suitable for you. I know become very expert in hunting.

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Default RE: What to hunt next?

I like the idea of javalina with a bow, throw in some predator hunting while you're at it. a dead coyote is a good thing. not as glamorous as the other trophies you have but meaningful, they are a smart animal. I am also a big bird hunter-- can be very rewarding, particularly for you to mix things up-- quail, partridge or even pheasant are lots of fun. also mix em in on the walls between the big game. Just some thoughts, you certainly have accomplished quite a bit. good luck. I have my sights set on a dall sheep hunt as well. this year its elk and muley in WY...
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

I'd say you've eliminated the cheap stuff forNorth American, DIY Large Game Species.

An African plains game hunt in South Africa (good exchange rate to the lowly U.S. Dollar) where you take 7 to 10 animals may make the math work on a per animal basis. Divide your cost by the 7 to 10 taken and it may be competitive with your DIY hunts for a single animal. You will still need to clear the lump sum hurdle however....


If I'm not mistaken, you could establish Alaskan residency, draw a brownie and get after it; in the mean time you could pursue the Pacific Coastal black bears that approach grizzly size.
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

I buddy of mine hunts nilgai somewhere in texas. They're on public land and the whole thing is extremely cheap. You can also shoot as many wild pigs as you want while you're there. Bow only, I believe. Hunt takes place around Dec.
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

Take up golf![8D] and keep hoping for those draws!!!
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

I have thought about this and have a few suggestions.

One would be alligator, not sure if it can be done DIY though.

The other is Swan, I know tags can be had here in NV pretty easy, draw should be coming up around Sept, and there usually are tags leftover. Not sure about other states.

The other that I can think of is Snowcock. That would be here in NE NV. This is the only place in the United States that the birds can be found. Pretty tough hunt, and would be more like sheep and goat hunting rather than bird hunting.

Look up, or do a search for Backpacking the ruby mountains for info on the snowcock. Swan info can be had there too, at


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Default RE: What to hunt next?


If I went home and told my wife that I was going to Nevadato hunt snowcock, she'd divorce me!
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

Course I would say nothin' wrong with more than two elk and I would suggest if looking for something bigger than 350, start applying for New Mexico and building points in Arizona. Both have lots of public land and the terrain will not kill you like in Nevada or Utah.But for something different, I would have to say an Alaskan Moose (which is rather costly) or a Mountain Lion. Those are two on my list, along with the Desert and Rocky Mountain Sheep
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Default RE: What to hunt next?

have seen goat hunts in Alaska pretty reasonable and I heard the tags were almost a sure thing in some units
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