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270 and Elk

Old 03-20-2008, 06:27 AM
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

ORIGINAL: skeeter 7MM

I personally like the Winchester XP3 it is made to take down large game and will travel through an elk like a RPG.
Anybody used these on game? or just what they read? I suspect since they've been out for a year now some have, just haven't seen to many average joe hunters(like most of us here)mention experiences on them above deer sized game. Just curious. Being a reloader myself not offered as a component(well at least thatI am aware of under the same name),I have not.
I've talked with a guy face to face who has used them and read a few dozen average joe reviews and all say if your rifle will shoot them tight they will put a fist sized hole in anything from deer, to hogs, to elk. I saw a photo of a heart shot elk that literaly had its heart blown in half.
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

The regular Failsafe worked great on elk even with a 270 win driving it . This slightly modified version is probably a tad better aerodynamically.
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Old 03-20-2008, 11:08 AM
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

ORIGINAL: salukipv1

My dad used a .270 with 150gr federal premium nosler partitions
Exactly what I killed my Elk, Mullie and White Wolf with!
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Old 03-20-2008, 11:39 AM
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

I like Barnes TSX's myself, but all the bullets mentioned here will do a great job on elk.
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

The Nosler 150 Partition or Barnes TSX would be my choice. I have used the 130 Barnes X Bullets with excellent rsults.
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Old 04-14-2008, 01:37 PM
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

I've always used the Win. PP 150 gr. and have had great performance at close ranges.

One bull I shot at 64 yds through the lungs bullet passed through.

Second shot in lungs just a little further, the bullet was picked from the offside hide.

Another time around same yardage shoulder smashed and no recovery of bullet. Bull required a quick second shot and he was done.

I'd say great performance
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

If "BTSP" translates to a Ballistic tip bullet I wouldn't use them. (bad personal experience)

According to my dad the plain ole 130 gr. Remington CoreLokt bullets work very well on elk. Personally I wouldn't take anythingless than 140 gr. Partitions or equivalent.
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

Boat tail soft point
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

I would definitely switch bullets. I had used 130 gr. BTSPs, more precisely Sierra Boattails. I killed one elk and several bucks with the bullet. What I discovered over time was that the bullet has a tendency to blow up into shrapnel at close range and high velocity ON DEER. I shot bucks at 35 and 25 yards, hit major bone on each shot, and the bullet blew up. Now, it killed both animals but I wonder how the same shot would have turned out on elk. My only elk kill was 350 yards, so the bullet had shed velocity by then and made for a nice one-shot kill.

Both me and my stepdad have changed over to Scirocco bonded bullets, and have now killed multiple elk with it. I got a clean pass-through on a huge cow elk last year at 90 yards.

That summarizes the data I can offer. I would lean toward the 150 gr. Nosler Partitions, in fact I am going to try the Federal Premium version this year and if they shoot well out of my rifle I may switch.
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Default RE: 270 and Elk

ORIGINAL: ox1443

i would use winchester 150 Grain balistic tip XP3's or the Accubond CT
you are getting close to religion for lots of folks....suffice it to say, that anything that is bonded, and not highly frangible will clearly knock a bull down...

stick with high quality proven bullets, not fad bullets and you will not be disappointed...
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