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Default wall tent recommendations, tips

I am getting ready to order my wall tent for back country hunting, anybody have any 'what to look out for" type suggestions? I am leaning toward Montana Canvas, blend tent, no floor, internal frame. Might also get a new Kwik-Kamp wood stove. Perhaps i haven't thought of everything, so any ips or hints are apprecciated. I am lamenting b/w a 12x14, and a 12x17, pros cons?
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: wall tent recommendations, tips

Make sure you get 5' side walls. I made my own internal frame out of 1" electricial conduit---it's strong--I've had over a foot of snow on it. I have a pipe from the roof to the side wall every 4'. I also welded several hooks on the pipe to hang up jackets, wet clothes, etc. I have them off the center roofpipe. I would also put some on the roof rafters also. I also have a center post.

I have D-rings on the door----I would get a zipper next time. In a strong wind there is an air grap between the D-rings.

My tent is 12x14x5-----it's says it will sleep 5-----3 is more like it. I had 5 but it's crowded. Get the biggest one you can---more room the better.

Stove jack? Side wall or cieling. Mine is cieling & it works just fine.

Hope this helps. CB

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Default RE: wall tent recommendations, tips

Mine is a 14 x 17 realite by Montana Canvas. I love it. Sleeps 4 comfortably with plenty of room for storing guns, gear, etc. We keep the tack outside under a tarp. The stove jack is in the front left side. Works fine. 4' walls work fine. I didn't get a frame since we pack into lodgepole country. We cut our own poles which makes a great camp although it takes a couple hours to pitch the tent. Tent weighs 32 pounds and packs great as a top pack on one of the pack animals. Mildew proof, fire proof and water proof. Have been using it for 7 years now. The stove fell down and melted the bottom of one wall and the ground flap but no fire. It still works; just a little melted. Expensive tent but worth it. My old canvas one weighed 75 lbs. and rotted out in a few years. My fault; I didn't dry it properly. The new one doesn't matter. I try not to; but I can store it when still damp--no problem.
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Default RE: wall tent recommendations, tips

You didn't mention how you will be getting to the back country and how many people you are hunting with. Wall tents are not the best to hike in with. If you don't have horses I hope you can drive to where you want to set up camp. I have a 12x14 Davis wall tent. Go one size bigger than you think you need. Three people are just right for this size tent. I went with an internal frame and got a 3/4 floor (it really made it nice by the cots). If you go with an internal frame, check with the manufacturer as to the correct angle the internal angles need to be. If you decide to buy the angle pieces else where it could be a problem.Last year in Wyomingthe wind was 40mph plus. Although very noisey it held up well. The only draw back to canvas is you can not put it away wet. Fate usually has it that the day you break camp it is either raining or snowing. You will need to put it up once you get home to let it dry completely!There are some really nice tents that aren't canvas that you should consider. Unless of course you are dead set on a canvas wall tent.

Good luck with you decision.

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Default RE: wall tent recommendations, tips

Ok, I am going with the bigger tent, I believe 12x17. Tent will be packed in in various ways, I have excess to horses, own a couple 4 wheelers etc. I will definatley go with 5' walls. Anybody have the kwik-kamp stoves? Any accessories anybody thinks are handy? Hunting party memebers I assume will vary. I suspect bow season we will be packed in, rifle season would be a drive to camp etc.
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: wall tent recommendations, tips

Contact Davis Tent and Awning in Denver near the mousetrap.
None better.
[email protected]
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