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Default magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

last week went moose hunting two cow moose where killed that day(around 600 pounds they looked like twins) first moose was shot with 7mm wsm 150 gr powerpoints the second was shot with 308 win 150 gr hornady sst both around 60 yard shots.RESULTS...7mm wsm took 3 shoots placed perfect right behind the sholder all three bullets had very small enter holes and no exit holes....second moose 308 win one shoothit back a little took out 3 ribs (leavin hole u could put your fist in) and passed right throught moose just behind shoulder leaving small exit,,,Im a big 308 fan and know its capabilities also seen my unkle take out a massive moose(60 inch over 1200 pounds dressed)with one shot with 308 winover 300 yards ....anyways this is my opion but what happened to the good old calibers like 308,270,30-06 why is everyone jumpin into magmun calibers...most people that buy them cant even shoot the well they make the jump or flinch at the shoot resulting in poor shot placment
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

I've owned most standard cals and went through the magnum phase.I whole heartedly agree with you on std cals. I'm back to the .270 and 06. Shot placement is the most important factor. I know this is going to start a rant but, that's just mio dos centavos worth!

Lord, hold those in your hand that suit up daily and prepare to give thier lives for strangers.
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

Not being recoil sensitive, I enjoythe full rangeof cartridges from22LR thru the standards up thru the light and heavy "mags/bigbores" on up to the 50BMG.
-- The 22LR is my favorite "pure fun" cartridge (runner up for funis 223 in the centerfire ranks).
-- The standards are great as I enjoy mixing them into an target/practice outing to get the overall shot count up, 308 and 30-06 are sweet there and are solid cross-over cartridges.
-- Iget a different kind of satisfaction from the friskier rounds both on targets and on game; just love that K-THUD sound out off of thebusiness end of the barrel of a 338, 375, 416, or 458.
-- The best part of the 50 BMG is just dropping the shell into the chamber and closing the bolt and just sitting theresizing it up.... oh yeah,then torching it off.... what a rush.

Hunting wise, I am simplya big fan of matching the cartridge to the task at hand to ensure high probability favorable outcomes,and NOT seeing how little I can "justget by" with. I believe in erring on the side of having plenty versus going in weak and regretting it later, especially since Itend towards being a "get it done" guy andI don't like having to wait for a "posed" (perfect broadside) shot that may not ever come, so bone busting ability and deep penetration are requisites of mine. I hate tracking, though I am pretty good at it (unfortunately). [BTW, I have never done a Texas heart shot.]

In general, for hunting:
** Never go undergunned.
** Always check the site in.
** PERFORM at showtime when the shot opportunity presents itself. (That includes manage whatever recoil there is and put the round where it counts andstop screwing around, plus no whining.)
================================================== =

For folks whose health is failing them, are way too little-young-or-tender, haven't been properly trained, or are just plain (over?) "sensitive" other avenues are typically necessary, but that is someone else's story.

My nickel.
Never go undergunned, always check the sight in, perform at showtime.
Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

Guy wasn't shooting the right bullet in his WSM
"public land will make a turkey hunter out of ya"
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

I agree winchester power pointsare nota really good moose bullet but the sst is probably is no better.I think the power point would hold together better then sst
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

People are jumping onto the magnum bandwagon cause they need something new to talk about around the campfire......
Personally I love the 30-06..BUUTTTTTTT......
I'm sort of thinking about the idea of purchasing a Kimber in a .270 Win short for my son (only cause I know the wife won't kick my a$$ if I tell her its for him,) as a Christmas present just to keep the flames burnin hotter and longer...
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06


You'll enjoy this article that was posted on another thread on this site.. I own and use a 270, before that I hunted with an old WWI .303. Been very happy with the result with my 270 with 150 grain partitins and 140 grain TSX Barnes..

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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

good post whitehorn, I saved the link
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

My 30/06 is plenty for me. I took a WY moose & a Colorado 5x5 bull with it. CB

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Old 12-09-2007, 12:36 PM   #10
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: magnum vs 308 or 270 or 30-06

I have a 340-Weatherby that I used for all of my hunting this year. I killed 1-black bear, 2-deer & 1-cow elk. None required tracking. I bought the 340-for elk & bear hunting.
My 25-06 would have worked fine for deer hunting, I used the 340-wby to build a bond with it.
I believe a person should use more than enough gun & bullet. I use premium bullets in all of my hunting rifles. I shoot most of my animals in the evening, just before dark. Tracking is harder with aflashlight, I give myselfthe advantage of a magnumrifle with premium bullets.
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