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Celebritys that hunt

Old 03-18-2007, 01:08 PM
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

George H. W. Bush
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

um, kent hrbek isnt a hall of famer. not even close
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

Brian Urlacher
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

Dale Earnhardt did.
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

Brett Favre is a die hard.
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

Roger Clemens Jim Thome Wade Boggs
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

[ol][*]Merrill Hoge - ESPN Analyst - huge deer/turkey hunter[*]Ted Turner - owns and manages a pile of hunting outfitters - enjoys hunting himself[*]Kurt Russell[*]Prince William - killed a beautiful Stag a while back[*]Tom Araya (Slayer)[*]James Hetfield (Metallica)[*]Danny Schroeder and DennisFranz both hunt(NYPD Blue)[*]Jane Fonda (believe it or not, she's a quail hunter)[*]Supreme Court Justice Scalia[*]Jack Nicklaus[*]Madonna is/was the longtime owner ofa wingshooting sanctuary andused to do somewingshooting with her hubby. Apparently, shehad a bad experience with a wounded bird, so she gave it up. Now opposes hunting. Makes sense I guess.[*]Tom Selleck[*]Cliff from "Cheers"[*]Shaquille O'Neal collects taxidermy, and occasionally hunts. I'd have never pegged Shaq as a hunter.[*]J.D. Drew[*]Emmitt Smith[*]Sammy Kershaw[*]Aaron Tippen[*]Kid Rock - hunting nut - actually got so carried away with it that it ruined his relationship with Pam Anderson.[*]Stone Cold - crushes beer cans with his head and shoots deer. This guy is a great American Hero.[*]A few of the UFC guys[*]Bobby Knight - throws chairs and shoots deer. Another great American Hero.[*]John Michael Montgomery[*]Karl Malone[*]Tiger Woods (fishing only) - Pretty cool, huh?[*]David Toms - duck hunter[*]Patrick Ramsey - QB - bowhunter[*]Jon Janzen - all pro lineman - bowhunter[*]Nicole Ritchie (yes, her) - she is into target recurve - has even dragged Paris Hilton along. I'd shoot with those two anyday. Not hunters, but they're big enough celebrities to note here.[*]Judge Joe Brown[*]HOF Steeler Jack Lambert is a conservation officer[*]Dozens and dozens of NHL, NFL, and MLB players too numerous to name.[*]A few of the NASCAR racers[*]Robert Stack[/ol]
That's all I got.
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

Charles Heston,Terry Bradshaw,Eva Longoria,Toby Keith,Larry "the Cable guy",and the guy that dose the heres your sign stuff,Rodney Carrington, and I think I read some where that Bono from U2 was a avid wing shooter.
Those are a few.
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

I'd never have guessed that Eva Longoria hunts.
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Default RE: Celebritys that hunt

we're all forgetting the best celebrity, Anna Benson
she's married to chris benson of the baltimore orioles and HATES Peta and isn't afraid to speak her mind. go to her website and read her blogs, hillarious.
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