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Grizzly Rifle

Old 03-08-2007, 09:32 PM
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

Gotta go with the 375 H&H of those mentioned. I would prefer a 416 Rem Mag but I have also used the 06. 200 Grain Partitions.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

ORIGINAL: tangozulu

I donno, never shot one with a 30/06, thoughI have killed 2 grizzlies. The mtn variety was shot with .270 and 150 grain bullet. The coastal bear with a .338 and 250 grain bullet. They both were 1 shot kills.The grissly was exterminated in the USA with far less potent rounds.

ORIGINAL: hinkleid

ORIGINAL: tangozulu

Just not sure why you would trade in a 300 Mag for a 30/06. I'm sure both are capable, but why "downgrade" if you have a better 30 caliber (.308") in the 300 WM.

Just trade one of them magnums in for a 30/06.
Why does the 30/06 crowd think that round is the be all, end all of rifles.

I shoot a 300 Win Mag, and my dad even fits into this 30/06 be all, end all club (55+). He can keep his old Ruger "Ought Six" and I'll stick with the Sendero in 300 WM.

I just wonder, why many on this site even have this viewpoint? Please tell me, what a 30/06 can kill, that a 300 WM won't?

That written, go with one of the 300 Mags.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

The .300 win mag would be my choice. Just because ammo is easy to find. I hunt the Brooks every other year, and the resources are at best.

Second choice would be the .375 for the same reasons.

Interior grizz are not like the coast bears that are just huge, but they are so beautiful. For a rug, I would rather have an interior bear any day over a coastal bear. For a life sized mount, the brownies are so impressive.
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Old 03-09-2007, 10:59 AM
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

I would use the 300 Winchester,180 gr Barnes X.
But any of the 3 will do.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle


Question: I need your input, the choices are A, B, or C.
Answers: Z, J, M, K, and 3.143268....

Whacko, it is not that hard a question....
Of the choices offered I'd take the 375H&H in synthetic and back it up with the 300WinMag in synthetic, given my own preferences I'd choose something else, but that isn't the question....

Strange that only only two could figure it out.... didn't think it was a trick question.
LMAO!!! This is a GREAT post!

Of the choices given, I would take the stainless 375 H&H. I am new to the caliber, but from what I have seen out of my Blaser 375 H&H, it will pretty much fill the bill for anything in North America. I am also a big fan of stainless guns. Good luck on your trip.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

ORIGINAL: Fuzzyballs44


You have a thirty caliber round that is shooting faster and hitting harder.....bears have seriously thick hides and some hard bones....that extra speed and power is going to be useful in the magnums over the .06....

I'm just curious why you feel that way tango?
No they don't.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

I would pick the375-H&H, with 300-grain Nosler Partition bullets.
P.S. I like your scopeselection on all of your rifles.

Good luck hunting,

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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

All will do the job. Going bigger gunsand heavier bulletsisnt a bad idea but the smaller rounds will work too. I would be more concerned about a the actual gun you can shot and place the shots where you want them to shoot. And a high qualitity optics so you dont have to worry about knocking off the sites.Nothing wrong with blued or wood, I prefer theall weather guns going into the field where harsh conditions can exist. Combo the bear with caribou I would feel the300mag or 338 mag would be great choices as they both still shot fairly flat and pack a punch, and ammo would be fairly common in case you need to buy some in Alaska.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

I would use a 325wsm or a 338 for grizzies.
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Default RE: Grizzly Rifle

I think that the all weather would be the ticket, I dont have experience w/ griz, so I wont ring in on the caliber. Whoever said the 300's are notorious meat wasters must shoot crap for bullets, because a premium bullet wont waste much meat.
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