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7mm vs. 30-06

Old 11-23-2002, 02:15 PM
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Default 7mm vs. 30-06

I am wanting to get a cusom rifle made that I can do about every thing in (whitetail, elk, moose) between the 7 mag and 30-06, which is the better?
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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

I'm sure someone here will say something along the lines of "it's all in where you hit them so it doesn't really matter". But that person is not me! I would pick the 7mag since the rifle is for elk & moose and all. If you can handle a 7 mag well enough to take advantage of the increased range it has I think you will be very happy with it. And the 7 mag is a little more romantic of a caliber than the old
30-06 workhorse.

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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

I have owned and used both and don't think one is all that much better than the other . They both have thier faults as well as thier plus's . Between the two I would prefer the 30-06 .But either will do the job,Good luck whatever you choose .
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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

I prefer the 7mm rem mag as it shoots flatter than the 30-06 and has a little more energy.Recoil is a little more with the 7mm mag but is still quite manageable for most people.
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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

I would prefer a 30-06 with 220 grain bullets. Either will work though.

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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

Where do you plan to hunt? In the open or in a dense lodgepole forest? Or possibly in between. I am of the opinion if you are looking for an all around weapon then you are looking at the light side of things. If you want to be able to take any animal within a reasonable range than you need to be looking at .30 or better.

I have killed elk, deer, and antelope with 7X57, .25-06, .30-06, 7mm mag, .300 win mag and .338 win mag all have their merits and all have their detractors but if you are trying to settle on one gun, then go with something that offers a bullet with good sectional denity and a good ballistic coefficient.

It all depends on the range you are talking about. You could knock down an elk or a moose with a .22 short at point blank range in the head or you could down an elk or a moose at 1000 yds with a .50(although I advise against it.) Your hunting condition will dictate your choice of caliber.
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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

i am of the bigger diameter bullet is better. the bullet may go a little slower but it will still do the job. and on larger game i prefer the penetrative power of larger weights of bullets so i would go with the 06, but if you are going custom you could get a wildcat(ish) cartidge like the 35whelen, or even the .338-06 which i believe has just entered factory relm as well.

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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

I've shot both and I'd say 7mm mag all the way. I like the 06 but the 7mm has more range and packs plenty of punch.
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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

Outside of thet handle, I'd say yer a man of wisdom. Burn up more powder an' yer barrel with a 7mm, an' you still won't be able to shoot a 200 grainer or better. I say a '06 with a 180 Nosler is 'bout the cat's meow of big game rifles. Now thet 338'06 shines as a elk gun, but I wouldn't be 'thout an' '06.

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Default RE: 7mm vs. 30-06

I've shot both and like both but I would take the 06, just personnel preference. Go with what you othink will give you the best value for money and something you'll be happy with shooting what ever distance.

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