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Hello All
Already been out for Turkey this year, elusive little buggers that they are,
Also headed to Lewis River area of Washington for Elk on Sept 5th returning on the 16th
Will hunt Deer near home in Goldendale, but consontrate on Elk till second season
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I just returned Monday from a week long fishing trip in Juneau, Alaska..

I stayed with an internet friend and fished from his boat for salmon and halibut...I caught four different species of salmon and a bunch of halibut, including a 60 pounder and an 85 pounder... I'm reciprocating next spring
by hosting him on a spring gobbler hunt here in southwestern NY....

I'm leaving August 29th for a caribou hunt in northern Quebec with Jack Hume Adventures... I'll be using my Rem 700 Mountain Rifle in 7mm-08....Just finished prepping 40 cases..My pet load is a 140 Nosler ballistic tip over enough IMR 4064 to give me around 2800 FPS MV...I've had excellent results with that bullet for game up through the size of caribou..

In early November, I may go to New Brunswick and hunt whitetails with a friend who has a dairy farm up there...Still up in the air...

Meanwhile, I'll be chasing whitetails, waterfowl, small game and fall turkeys here in NY and neighboring Pa...

Sucks to be me.......
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2006 should be a great hunting year for me…Along with taking my first turkey this spring, I will be small game and archery deer hunting around home here (northern Michigan), and spend as much time I can from September to April predator calling. Hoping to take my daughter into her first rifle whitetail hunt come November, she’s still a bit undecided…teenagers and five AM don’t seem to mix too well.

But I am waiting for October to get here. I will be going to western Idaho for elk. We are driving out and backpacking into the mountains north of McCall. This will be my first western trip and first time elk hunting. I will be hunting with my two nephews, one who has hunted that area for the last three years. He will be going out in September for an archery hunt to that area and then come home and him,his brother and I will head back out for rifle hunting…it should be an adventure, I cant wait!

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Headed to BC in Oct. with Mountain Goat, Mule Deer and Wolf Tags. 300 RUM
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I've got three hunts planned.

First one is my muley hunt. I'll be headed to Southern Utah and hunting right along the Colorado border. Last year I shot my first archery buck in this year. There was a ton of young to a middle-aged bucks. We've been doing some scouting in this area and the bucks are there. I'm really looking forward to chasing them around. My hunt starts on the 19th!!! Woooo-hoooo!!! I'll be shooting my PSE baby-G, 70 lbs., Gold Tip arrows tipped with Muzzy 100 grain 3 blades.

Second is my elk hunt. This hunt is the first week in October. It's an any weapon hunt so both my bow and my Smith & Wesson 7mm Rem Mag with 175 gr partition handloads will be going along. The bulls should still be buglin and can be called. I called a couple of bulls close last year but not quite close enough for a good bow shot. I may or may not get the rifle out this year. We'll see. I don't have any elk meat in the freezer right now and my mouth is watering thinking about a juicy elk backstrap.

My third hunt is an anterless elk hunt. This hunt starts in October and runs through January. This will be a meat for the freezer hunt.

Can't wait for em all. I didn't draw my limited entry elk tag or my moose. Maybe next year. Happy backstraps to everyone!
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I just received my CO archery tag (OTC) yesterday and attached to it was another guys tag who lives in NE!!! Can you believe that. So, I called him up and sent it to him in the mail this morning. Can you imagine if that was a coveted tag someone had been waiting 15 years to draw. Anyway, many of you will be leaving for your trips in the next few weeks, myself included, don't forget to post pictures when you get back...even if it's just a picture of your hunting area. Have a great time and be safe.
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I'm going on my first elk hunt in mid-October. I have a first rifle season, either sex elk permit forunit 75. This unit is in SW Colorado, NW of Durango, Colorado. I plan to backpack up into the Weminuche Wilderness area. This is a solo hunt. I have discussed my specific hunting plans -- how and where to hunt -- with others who have hunted in my area and who substantially validated my plans. I did a brief overnight trip into my area during a family vacation to Durango in July and have specific areas I want to hunt. I will use a .30-06 for this hunt using 180 grain bullets. I know the success rate is generally low for elk hunters, and probably lower still for first time, solo, backpack hunters. I have done my homework and physical conditioning, however, and have hopes of success. Worst case I will get to spend 5 day in beautiful country and learn a lot about elk hunting which I do not yet know. I amNOT a trophy hunter (my hunt success is not about getting the biggest antlers or even getting antlers at all). If I see a small herd of cows with no bull, I'm expecting to take the best cow in the group -- even if this is the first hour of opening day.

I'm really excited.
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Going to CO the 1st week of Sept. for an archery elk hunt...can't wait. Then by the time I get back Missouri archery season will be opening.
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Leaving Oct 7 for a 3 day drive to Co for elk rifle first season.
Will drive for 1 day for Ohio shotgun season in late Nov. The rest of the time I will be in Vt and NH for whitetails.
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I am headed to Idaho with a few other members from here for an elk bowhunt sept 15th-24th. It'll be my first elk hunt.
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