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260rem 07-14-2006 09:52 AM

Just booked (my 1st Buff hunt)
I just booked my 1st NT Buffalo hunt just, 7 days no trophy fees and no bag limits awesome.
There will also be huge Boars & Scrub Bulls so it should make for an action packed week, it’s damn unfortunate that I can only take 5kg’s of ammo on the flight.

I have three main goals this trip.
1) Kill a trophy Buff
2) Kill a Buff with a 12ga using a DG slug
3) Get some top rate Ivory

I really want to use some of the excellent new range of 12ga DG slugs to drop a Buff, and no I won’t be totting off alone to claim my prize. I will choose my target very carefully and have 2 big guns backing me up, and will pass up any shot if I’m not 100% sure of it being both humane and safe to take with a slug.

The 12ga SXS also happens to be my go-to gun for Pigs in close country, with shots under 40 yards it’s like the touch of death on anything that grunts and squeals. It also ensures that the action is always fast and furious = fun.

I plan on taking the 375H&H and 50 rounds of 270gr Woodleigh PP’s for the buff and Scrub bulls as well as 100 rounds with 220gr Taipan FP’s for the Boars. To that I will add say 20-30 12ga slugs and buy 4 boxes of Buckshot up there.

I hope this is enough ammo and it’s a real shame that I don’t have room for the 260 but we all have to make sacrifices. But it’s still going to be fun.

hillbillyhunter1 07-14-2006 02:52 PM

RE: Just booked (my 1st Buff hunt)
sounds awesome 260,

Could you post a picture of the type of buffalo you're after??

it’s damn unfortunate that I can only take 5kg’s of ammo on the flight.

I like your thinking there--sounds like you might get in a lot of "trigger time":D:D. Good luck!!!


260rem 07-14-2006 09:02 PM

RE: Just booked (my 1st Buff hunt)
Here is one from a Guides site.

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