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tom93 05-06-2015 11:15 AM

It takes a tough rig for a tough hobby!
Everyone knows how much wear and tear we put on our vehicles during our various hunting seasons. Between pulling trailers and driving through fields, you never know what could happen. My sierra 2500 had an exhaust leak coming from the manifold because of some broken bolts for the last year. I couldn't handle it any longer and went to check out my options for fixing it. The shop wanted a couple thousand to pull the entire manifold out, and that was not an option. I dug a little deeper and found KAP exhaust manifold repair kits. They installed super easily and were only about $50 compared to hundreds or thousands. It is super durable and made to last, which is what we need. If you have a GM or chevy truck that you rely on, I would highly recommend checking this out! I am out and ready for fishing and turkey season now. Good luck to everyone!

uncle matt 05-14-2015 08:37 PM

Have no clue what you are talking about with the "tough rig" talk, but Wow!

They wanted "a couple thousand" to fix some broken manifold bolts? Seems to me like they saw a sucker.

Well we ain't suckers around here and have honed our skills to see a spammer a mile away or better.

That kit is just a "saddle" that is only for the rear cylinder on passenger side.
Won;t work for S if the gasket is blown out even the slightest. Having the manifold pulled and gasket replaced would prob run well under $1000 bucks around here.

Have a great time with your 2500 all ready for hunting.

Good try to promote the limited use product but hey, thanks for the laugh.

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