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OhioBowhunter 04-03-2010 06:47 PM

2010 youth fishing contest scoreboard
Team 1-382

Team 2-
Hunting Kuk-83

Team 3-

Team 4-
flint n steel-

Team 5-
Pope94/IA -

OhioBowhunter 04-03-2010 06:53 PM

Catfish = 10
Walleye = 10
Bass (ocean perch) = 10
Carp = 10
Bullhead = 10
Pike/Muskie = 15
Panfish = 1
Trout = 10
Salmon (striped bass) = 10
Big head= 5

Basic rules/guidelines:
-Any species of fish may be used in the contest.

-Any kind of tackle may be used to catch fish.

-No limit on how many fish you catch.

-Contest will run from April 1st-September 1st

-This will be a team effort, like the deer contest.

-You must post a picture of the fish on a ruler (tape measure is fine) or else your fish will not be counted

-We are going to do it by inches. becasue i think inches is easier to measure the finding the weight. we will add the length of the fish into the score of the species. so if you catch a 15 inch cat the score would be 25 for it. does everyone get this?

-Please when you post fish, if you have multiple fish have the total point value at the end of your post/post your team number whenever you post fish

BigBuck95 04-04-2010 06:23 AM

alright good luck team 1


Pope94/IA 04-04-2010 03:47 PM

I have a question... I only fish in private ponds that only have catfish, bluegills and bass. In my pond I can probably catch 10-15 cats a day and a crap load of bluegills... But they are all catch and release.. Do catch and release ones still count or do we have to keep the fish to be able to have it scored?

genesis27:3 04-04-2010 04:28 PM

I think catch and release should count, as long as you get a pic of it.

Pope94/IA 04-04-2010 04:49 PM

Alright, well thats gonna be alot of points ill be rackin up. :D

another question...this is a stupid person's question... whats the differance between a panfish and a bluegill?

OhioBowhunter 04-07-2010 06:08 PM

there is no difference and yes catch and release counts (seeing as thats all i do lol)

genesis27:3 04-17-2010 06:52 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Got one! Attachment 9123

OhioBowhunter 04-18-2010 04:22 AM

whats the lenght on that. 16 or 17 inches? btw im stupid what kindve fish is that lol (yes i know its a trout but what kind)

genesis27:3 04-18-2010 02:16 PM

Originally Posted by StormDogOutdoors (Post 3614235)
whats the lenght on that. 16 or 17 inches? btw im stupid what kindve fish is that lol (yes i know its a trout but what kind)

Ha ha well.... I am more stupid than u I have no clue what kinda fish it is. It has a orange stripe across its belly :poke:
I measured it at 16 inch. It was this big!! :arms:

Ha ha, what team is winning?


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