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  1. an older guy joke
  2. Parade in DC for Pelosi
  3. Justice Dept worried
  4. Obama used the FBI to investigate on behalf of Soros!
  5. Social-Security-Terrible-Investment
  6. Why the Dumbocrats are going afetr Barr
  7. I hate it when that happens!
  8. It is about time someone challenged these freaks and their liberal supporters
  9. UVA (Charlottesville, VA) multicultural center "has too many white people"
  10. Sanders-Carville Spat
  11. Bernie Got Pranked...
  12. Trump breaks records in New Hampshire
  13. No indictment for McCabe
  14. Everybody has an opinion.
  15. An Interesting Article on Climate Change
  16. Trump could win over Black Voters
  17. Roger Stone BS?
  18. Let the games begin!!
  19. NYPD pushes back against NYC's anti cop Mayor
  20. Democrats made Huge mistake!
  21. Regulations Account for 25% of a New House
  22. Vindman May Get Booted From NSC
  23. The President's celebration of acquittal
  24. The President's celebration of the end of impeachment.
  25. Acquitted!
  26. Impeachment Vote
  27. Romney's Stupidity
  28. Claudette Colvin
  29. Rip it up Pelosi...
  30. That's what I'm talkin about!
  31. Iowa Caucus Results: 2nd Attempt
  32. More insanity from Pelosi
  33. Iowa: Train Wreck = Comic GOLD
  34. DNC Lobbying For New Candidate To Jump Into Their Race
  35. Iowa Caucus Results
  36. Devastating News for Rush Limbaugh
  37. Hey Democrats, Incomming!
  38. She is mad as a hatter!
  39. What is Hilary up to?
  40. >>Not a Babylon Bee Story<<
  41. Democrat OKs Foreign Influence In An Election
  42. Schumer/Schiff Lost--No Witnesses in the Senate
  43. a few thoughts
  44. What if. . . ?
  45. They're All Related
  46. Bolton's book isn't the scandal
  47. Why $16 When $32 Is Higher?
  48. Shifty Schiff makes Freudian slip
  49. Biden scared to testify in Senate
  50. 5,200 reasons to support immigration reform!
  51. Eric Ciaremella Has Explaining To Do And Joe Biden
  52. Biden threatens the media not to cover any mention of him threatening the Ukraine to
  53. Watching Trump's Defense Live
  54. Virginia Democrats Plan To Silence Their Voters
  55. More on Eric Ciaremella
  56. Aborted babies feel pain earlier than stated
  57. More Biden Corruption
  58. Trump's Defense Team's Opening Statement < 4hours = Dismissal
  59. Interview, Tom Finton Judicial Watch
  60. Dems Worried If Impeachment Fails ....
  61. Hunter Biden On His Way To Jail?
  62. Joe Biden’s ‘conspiracy theory’ memo to U.S. media doesn’t match the facts
  63. Texas has the right idea
  64. More on the deep state
  65. More on Hunter Biden
  66. How quickly the dumbocrats forget!
  67. How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections
  68. Once a Democrat candidate against Trump, now a prisoner, ya gotta love it!
  69. Are The Walls Closing In?
  70. The Real Reason They Pushed House Impeachment Into The Senate
  71. Will Democrats Try and Pull a Menendez?
  72. Thank You Congressman Brian Mast
  73. A Question for the LIBs
  74. Spartacus throws in the towel
  75. Senator Graham says it is up to Iran to prevent war.
  76. No delete button, duplicate post
  77. Jeff Bezos Donation
  78. Another Observation
  79. Biden's bad moment
  80. Take it to 'em Over There
  81. New Clinton e-mails discovered
  82. What if?
  83. Did Iran shoot down the Ukrainian airliner?
  84. Democrats fail to sway moderate Republicans
  85. Iran poking the bear
  86. Republicans slam the trump Admin.
  87. My Gift To Climate Alarmists
  88. nancy is insane and it looks like the senates getting fed up,
  89. Iran Declines Signing Kaepernick After Reviewing His Workout Video
  90. Pentagon upset that Trump took their advice
  91. Trumjp orders review of state laws giving licenses to illegals
  92. More evil from the democrats in VA
  93. Just an Observation
  94. Trump on Iran
  95. Crazy Joe's son is going to bring him down! The sooner the better.
  96. Hillary Slams Trump For Not Taking More of a Hands Off Approach
  97. Extra registrations found on voting rolls. A law suit in the wings.
  98. ICE Director under Democrat Prez says US doomed under a democrat President
  99. Trumps bold action
  100. USA's Op Ed--It's "Terrifying" that Churchgoers are Armed
  101. Reset Button for Oldtimr
  102. George Nader (Hillary Supporter) Charged with Illegal Campaign Donations
  103. while the left was trying to dream up ways to screw trump
  104. First Taxpayers are Forced to Pay, Now America's Companies could be forced to Pay up.
  105. texas church shooter stopped
  106. Trump needs to lean more on N. Korea
  107. While the Democrats were lying and plotting Trump was appointing conservative Judges
  108. Durham to Mission Control
  109. FOIA Requests Then and Now?
  110. Christmas
  111. Nancy pelosis adored mentor
  112. Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Cooperating with Durham
  113. Biden's Brother Got Taken Care Of Too?
  114. Not an impeachment but a coup!
  115. Lindsay Graham
  116. 2 more terms?
  117. West Point Naval Academy White Power
  118. Trump says WWII veteran is looking up from Hell.
  119. Chief Justice John Roberts - Impeachment Trial
  120. more in an endless list of proof liberals are insane
  121. More Political Cartoons
  122. Manafort's State Charges Dismissed
  123. 90% of Virginia Counties Now Gun Sanctuaries
  124. Great, Trump Put Forth a Boondoggle
  125. So Who Will Draw The Short Straw?
  126. Biggest Revelation For You Today Regarding IG Testimony?
  127. Does Rudy Have The Goods?
  128. Those darn Kids,,,,,, :) LOL
  129. Bernie & Warren's Canadian Healthcare Plan
  130. New Bill To Red Flag Gun Purchases
  131. House Has Sole Power To Impeach?
  132. Impeachment Trial Question
  133. Must Be Black To Apply
  134. 2 Kaepernick Headlines
  135. Bloomberg candidacy?
  136. Obama Not a Bernie Fan
  137. Fun stuff'
  138. Judge sneaks an illegal alien, out of the courthouse to prevent ICE from arresting hi
  139. Why Vote Democrat?
  140. More evidence of the Clintons and the deep state
  141. What passes for journalism today
  142. The Demonrats are worried
  143. Interesting Quote
  144. Julian Assange to die in prison?
  145. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore
  146. Quid Pro Quit
  147. ABC covers up for Epstein and the Clintons
  148. Deported illegal aliens from terrorist nations live in Texas
  149. View Host Joy Behar Urges Democrats To LIE To People In Order To Seize Their Constitu
  150. In case you had any doubt that democrats are insane!
  151. Evidence Ohr is a bold faced liar
  152. Leftest Media investigate funny MEME, are they morons ?
  153. Schiff Has a New Source Against Trump
  154. Mueller's New T-shirt
  155. Climate Cult Offended Again
  156. Justice perhaps?
  157. Kayla Mueller's family call out Obama
  158. Dems have another skeleton in the closet ?
  159. "Medicare for All" #'s
  160. Republicans have had enough of Schiff, what were they waiting for!
  161. Dems secretly export homeless
  162. This is treasonous
  163. Bernie wants to legalize pot
  164. Newsweek says Trump has already won
  165. Beto the bone head uses Hitler analogy
  166. Durham Investigation turns into Criminal Probe
  167. Biden Vs Trump
  168. Democrats Just Got on Board with Funding the Wall
  169. Obozo Quid Pro Quo
  170. Cool interview
  171. The poor snowflake dummycrats are offended
  172. Wow, check this out (1953 versus today)...
  173. CNN should be sued into bankrupt and beyond
  174. The Absolute Truth!
  175. Beto O'Rourke --- OMG, is this guy nuts or what?!?
  176. The reason Impeachment of Trump is a Joke...
  177. In case anyone is stupid enough to believe the circus is a prelude to impeachment
  178. Pelosi says No Vote (for now) on Impeachment Proceedings
  179. Cap on payroll SS income tax
  180. Is Biden hearing the footsteps?
  181. Fort Worth Officer Kills Woman In Her Bedroom In Response To 'Open Structure Call'
  182. Welcome To Democrat's Utopia
  183. Clapper Implicates Obama Again
  184. Hunter Biden owns stake in Chinese company blacklisted by US
  185. Crazy Uncle Joe flips out
  186. Are there any friends Trump won't abandon?
  187. Trump Pulls An Obama
  188. Limbaugh takes on Never Trumpers
  189. Uhoh, Pictured of Joe the jerk and his son playing golf with one of the Ukrainians
  190. If Only They Had This Level of Concern with Obama and Iran
  191. What Will Democrats Do Without The Backing of the UAW?
  192. So When Can We Investigate a Democrat?
  193. Nra acted as a "foreign asset" for Russia ahead of 2016 election
  194. Get her rolling and get her done!
  195. Will Trump go the way of Nixon?
  196. It was no rumor
  197. For Champlain Islander
  198. Holding your breath?
  199. Didn't leave the democrat party, the party left them...
  200. We got our F35A Lightnings
  201. Trump says the wall is being built
  202. The Real Beto O'Rourke--Finally...
  203. Trump To Payoff Terrorists?
  204. The Younger Generation May Have Got Their Walking Papers From CA
  205. Ted Cruz and Alyssa Milano
  206. Unions Want Oregon Voters To Limit Retailer's Self Checkout Stations
  207. The Latest, You're a Racist if.....
  208. The left just gets scarier!
  209. The hits just keep on coming!
  210. Don't Do It Donald
  211. Congressman Nunes files multi million dollar law suit against the Steele Dossier Comp
  212. today's "McCarthyism"
  213. beto pushing for confiscation funding and mandatory confiscation
  214. Federal Judge chastises the DOJ and grants further discovery on Hillary's e-mail
  215. But that is different......
  216. Watch this If you Care about America.
  217. Time to boot this piece of garbage out of the House
  218. San Francisco Brands NRA Terrorist Organization
  219. More drool from the mouth of Crazy Joe
  220. Trade Deficits Grow
  221. Will Trump Allow This To Happen?
  222. Wal-Mart enacting its own form of gun control
  223. MSNBC caught in fake news story, a bold faced lie actually
  224. Really? Trump is to Thank?
  225. Bernie Sanders praises communism
  226. A Personal Experience
  227. Biden, is he trying to out left the left?
  228. More lunacy from the Demoncrats
  229. This is the Demonrat party, crazier than an outhouse rat!
  230. Trump forgives student loans for disabled vets!
  231. Muslim Speaker Will Surprise You
  232. Federal Judge orders FBI to search for and provide Steele files to Judicial Watch
  233. Even Biden's wife is weak on him
  234. More stupidity from the Demonrats
  235. Too little too late!~
  236. The Graham report on the DOJ will be ugly
  237. Trillion Dollar Deficits From Here On Out
  238. My gun control Plan
  239. Don't Worry, Trade Wars Are Easy To Win
  240. Pelosi
  241. Another CNN anchor accused and sued
  242. Isreal bans Representatives Omar and Tlaib from entering the country
  243. President Tyler has a living grandchild
  244. The King Of Debt Is Proving He Is
  245. Ice done *****footing
  246. epstien suicide
  247. More FBI illegal acts exposed
  248. NRA and GOA
  249. Swing voters not in favor of more immigration
  250. Looks Like It Time To Buy Another Gun