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  1. Cleveland Indians Name Change
  2. Cuomo takes a shot to the teeth
  3. A July 4th message from Joe Biden
  4. Their only weapon for being losers
  5. Politics is not everything!
  6. no more nfl
  7. Kanye West for president
  8. Cal I will share my websites
  9. Now the leftist scum is after the Duke!!
  10. Those Poop Poor Progressive Libs AWWWW
  11. In it's brief existence...
  12. The rest of the story the main stream media omitted
  13. Fair warning from Clay Co. FL Sheriff
  14. I removed Drudge from my bookmarks
  15. One for the good guys!
  16. Seattle Mayor, all buckle and no cowboy
  17. Harlem residents do not support doing away with police
  18. Very interesting
  19. Speaking of stupidity
  20. In addition to being stupid, why isn't this racist?
  21. So what if??
  22. Time for some Humor
  23. BLM nothing but a gang of bullies
  24. Chaos erupts in Milwaukee during search for missing girls: Mob attacks cops
  25. AG Barr, wholesale vote by mail opens the door for fraud
  26. BLM, Antifa, or whatever they are...
  27. Another brain dead liberal
  28. Another liberal speaks up when she should have shut up
  29. This is your typical liberal, do unto others but don't do unto me
  30. Nationwide Police strike July 3rd-5th being planned?
  31. Is revolution near?
  32. Live War in DC
  33. BLM Shaun King: "JESUS IS WHITE SUPREMICIST. All Jesus statues must be torn down."
  34. Covid19 numbers rising?
  35. Armed Antifa to burn US flag in Gettysburg, Pa- ON JULY 4th
  36. One of the 4 cops involved in Floyd killing confronted at a grocery store by a Karen
  37. Some dark hunting humor
  38. EPIC rant vs Gov Cuomo/COVID19
  39. Tulsa Trump rally -- what happens?
  40. BLM founder in her own words: "We are proudly Marxist"
  41. I hope this video comes across...
  42. The poison is spreading
  43. check this out!
  44. Uncle Bens and Aunt Jemima cancelled
  45. ATLANTA COPS CHARGED: Facing death penalty
  46. How long are the decent people and the government going to tolerate this scum before
  47. One excuse for the violence after another, it is now a huge liberal whine fest
  48. what's y'alls opinion?
  49. When you live in a blue area there is no such thing as justice
  50. How will this affect the election?
  51. At least there is one Hollywood actor who is not apologizing for being white
  52. Red pilled black folks
  53. Deep thoughts
  54. It just won't stop: Wendys in Atlanta torched
  55. TOO LATE Mr. Trump....2nd autonomous zone going up in Asheville, NC
  56. Biden VP Material
  57. Professor suspended at UCLA for not allowing black students to skip final exams
  58. Bill O'Reilly--It's Not Black and White
  59. The Left Couldn’t Care Less About Blacks
  60. Social Commentary--Left and Right
  61. Biden & Socialism
  62. The Four Horsemen of America’s Apocalypse
  63. The craziness by whites continues
  64. Sessions and Omar the tent maker trade jabs
  65. The liberal networks are caving to the riff raff
  66. This is how it starts, change the meaning of words
  67. Trump guns down another Obama edict!
  68. Washington Post new study: Whites disproportionately killed by police
  69. The CHAZ
  70. Candace Owens GoFundMe Account SUSPENDED - My Thoughts!
  71. Question for flags
  72. Systemic Racism
  73. Alleged police brutality accusations under scrutiny
  74. NPR OFFICIAL TWITTER: Burn all white authored books
  75. Special Forces help protect the President
  76. Funny how race can justify breaking the social distance rule
  77. Hi folks
  78. Protester had rifle to kill racist and MAGA people
  79. Don't buy Legos for your kids
  80. This country is officially gone down the drain
  81. How ANTIFA organizes
  82. 6 Guardian Angles hold off 300 rioters and looters
  83. Lawyers Arrested for Molotov Cocktails
  84. And you thought the riots were over a dead miscreant
  85. Minneapolis To Disband Police Dept.
  86. Interpreter Needed
  87. US troop draw down in Germany
  88. The secret to success
  89. "Re-imagine Public Safety"
  90. The NYC Mayor is giving up the city to the criminals
  91. Weekend DC Betting Pool
  92. So, about that recession....
  93. One of the police charged in Floyd Killing was on the job for just 4 days
  94. Trump Was Right. Again.
  95. Did Keith Ellison actually do Chauvin a favor?
  96. EPIC counter point to Mattis anti Trump screed at the Atlantic
  97. Our leaders have sided with the enemies of the Republic
  98. More Mail In Ballot Woes
  99. Hot Mike catches Reps reason for joining the protests
  100. Obama Admin official pays $250k bay for lawyer who firebombed police car
  101. St. Louis Looters released
  102. Charges on Chauvin upped- other 3 officers arrested
  103. CNN Reporter Gets His Comeuppance
  104. Roger Stone speaks out
  105. Why we need to finish the wall
  106. Kansas Military hero save lives
  107. In all fairness, Floyd's criminal record should be discussed
  108. Black columist from the Wall Street Journal hit the media
  109. Hey Valorius???
  110. More Idiocy From Biden
  111. German report: Covid 19 less dangerous than the flu
  112. In case you've ever wondered how...
  113. Armed citizens defending their stores with firearms
  114. Have we entered an organized armed insurrection?
  115. Rapidly approaching critical mass
  116. Fudging the numbers
  117. The day the right to assemble died
  118. Momentum can be unstoppable
  119. Mail in Ballots. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  120. Minn Gov Mobilized National Guard
  121. Cuomo's stock falling
  122. Minn cop arrested moments ago
  123. Snowflake democraps courting trouble
  124. Minneapolis Mayor
  125. Trump's tweet on Joe Scarborough and Lori Klausutis may be costly
  126. UN at it again!
  127. Is covid already beginning to vanish?
  128. Hopefully this will be the death knell for Planned parenthood
  129. Here is the Great and Powerful Oz, Gov Cuomo
  130. Another Victory for Trump
  131. No bail policy in CA leaves a lot to be desired
  132. Covid-19 Facts
  133. Philadelphia Election Judge pleads guilty to election fraud
  134. Which one will Cause More Harm??
  135. Food For Thought
  136. Oregon Governor stripped f power by court
  137. The Democrat fools are at it again!!
  138. Is the tide turning?
  139. Pelosi's insane bill
  140. Tucker Carlson blasts Pelosi
  141. NJ: Gov "A widely available cure" before lockdown ends
  142. I live in a "Red zone" in Pennsylvania
  143. CO Manipulated Death Part 2
  144. Pelosi's new attack on the Republic
  145. The Brainless Liberal Democrat 3 Trillion Hero's Act
  146. Mexico requesting information on operation "Fast and Furious
  147. Democrats intentionally ruining the economy
  148. Proof Death Stats Are Being Manipulated
  149. Question Regarding Zero Percent Interest?
  150. Dozens of obama officials requested unmasking...
  151. This moron never learns!
  152. Chinese Communist party ruined US economy in 60 days
  153. Illegal alien arrested numerous times continually released by Californialeased
  154. Could This Be the DEM's Plan
  155. White couple assassinated: News media silent
  156. Iran shoots themselves in the foot!
  157. Who would have guessed?
  158. Schif has been told to release 53 transcripts used in the fake impeachment trial
  159. Are there any Federal Agencies that are even slightly competent?
  160. Did Russians Really Hack The DNC Emails?
  161. More on China's outrageous behavior
  162. New invaders to Washington state
  163. Well, it's as we feared
  164. Breaking News of General Flynn
  165. GA Cop Murders Black Jogger
  166. Russia wanted Hillary
  167. Why Trump brushes off the press
  168. Watch this an then think about who is telling us how to do to be safe from the virus
  169. Is Dr Fauci Dirty
  170. A Novel Idea
  171. Reopening experiences
  172. China concealed the dangers of Covid virus while stockpiling supplies
  173. Over reaching by the Mayor of NYC
  174. Is this an "emergency"?
  175. AG Barr warns Governors not to over step their legal authority
  176. You Kid's College Professor May Be Like This
  177. An Interesting Comparison Between 2 States
  178. Navy takes delivery of troubled Mega Destroyer
  179. How did this mental midget wind up in Congress? Oh yeah, Democrats
  180. Cuomo, Newsome, and Murphy kill their own people
  181. More pain for the left
  182. More lies and fake news from the left
  183. Yes Virginia, Biden is this stupid
  184. if your in california stock up while you have the option
  185. Latest Debacle At The NRA
  186. AG Barr warns against Governors going too far
  187. Democrats still trying and still lying
  188. Reverse Psychology with Shutdown
  189. Trump to Pelosi
  190. Congratulations, Mile stone reached
  191. Send Your Kids to College, this is who teaches them
  192. White house hot mic: "We're all vaccinated"
  193. When the Chicoms mouths are moving they are lying
  194. Worthless Republicans
  195. Poor Cuomo, wrong again
  196. Democrats for Trump
  197. Governor of California treating illegals better than citizens!
  198. What's more disturbing?
  199. WHO ignored warnings about the Corona Virus, good for Trump for cutting off funding.
  200. Eric Holder
  201. The evil democrats are at it again!
  202. Mueller knew the Steel dossier was trash from the start
  203. More evidence that China needs to be punished!
  204. When does civil disobedience start?
  205. Sailor from the USS Roosevelt dies from Corona virus
  206. Bernie Endorses Biden
  207. From the desk of Bill O'Reilly
  208. Interesting Statistic
  209. Worse than the Chinese Flu....
  210. The Border Wall continues to Grow despite the Democrats
  211. SCOTUS delivers a blow to democrats attempt to steal the election
  212. Biden is a few bubbles off of plumb and it is being noticed
  213. Who is still working
  214. There at it again
  215. Illinois Mayor's wife caught partying
  216. Hillary pops up, gets knocked down
  217. Just So Things Don't Get Too Serious
  218. Just when you think the left cannot get any more loony, this!!
  219. Pelosi trying to steal the election
  220. Time to bring Meuller up on charges
  221. Texas abortion clinics closed
  222. SECNAV Resigns
  223. Anti-body tests
  224. Gun sales are booming
  225. Why the resistance to hydroxychloroquine?
  226. is there a chance were being lied too?
  227. Stinking Chi Coms
  228. Food For Thought
  229. H.r. 5717
  230. Are The Feds Conducting A Deep Dive Census?
  231. The gloves are off
  232. The leftists are going nuts over Trump's rising poll numbers
  233. If You Need a Good Laugh
  234. CBS post fake photos, lies about origin!
  235. Senator says China must pay!!
  236. More bad news for Biden
  237. Should not be "One Size Fits All"
  238. Another Reason to Love Living in TX
  239. Biden has problems
  240. MSNBC host concerned about Trump's poll numbers among democrats and independants
  241. Rent strike?!
  242. Recent History Lesson
  243. Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30, predicts 'great things' by Ju
  244. Suggested Course of Action in Regards to China
  245. New yorkers run to RI, stopped by National guard.
  246. 25 Million Carve Out and They Layoff Musicians In Return
  247. Pelosi is almost gone!
  248. Pelosi was working hard for America! Not.
  249. 12 Comandments for Seniors
  250. Coronavirus models