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  1. Synthetic Stock DIY Cheek Rest Installation
  2. Rebarreling
  3. Restoring my Dad's Rem. 721 (story and pics)
  4. cleaning up a Browning Automatic Rifle
  5. The Winchester 1906 project
  6. Restoring a Rusty Remington
  7. MatchGrade Stock Stabilizer kit and Bedding Compound Kit
  8. Quick and simple ADL spiff-up job
  9. Reviving an Abused Revolver (Kinda pic heavy?)
  10. Stevens 12 ga restoration
  11. using gun bluing on brass
  12. Evaluation of several cold bluing products (w/pics)
  13. restoring the black finish on aluminum (w pics)
  14. Purpose of this Reference Sub-Forum
  15. Disclaimer
  16. Restoring a rusty Remington Speedmaster
  17. Cutting a barrel and making a replacement bead (w/pics)
  18. You wanna be a real boy? Hamilton restoration
  19. rusty mossberg model 185 DC rehab
  20. Restoring my Father's Model 37 shotgun
  21. The coffee can shotgun restoration
  22. Making your own plastic grips/handles/butt plates (w pics)