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texasaggiebowhunter 12-20-2004 02:54 PM

PSE Fire Flite LC Pro Series

PSE fire flite lc pro shop series.

I bought this bow new from PSE pro shop back a few years ago. It has been a great bow, I have taken a lot of trophy game with it. Due to a recent hunting accident I will no longer be able to shoot a bow.

29"@70# can be adjusted from 60-70# and 28-30"
Lightning Cam
PSE fiber optic five pin sight
PSE wooden no torque grip
Golden Key Futura Speed Set rest
Sims limb savers and string leeches
Carbon Rod stabilizer
Ultra Nok loop

You are going to get it just as I have used it, I’m not stripping anything off it.
Right now the bow is at my camphouse so I don’t have any really good close-ups of it, but I do have a few ldp’s where you can see the bow. I have gotten three robinhoods with it, and I will post pics of them later. It has been a great, smooth, fast and powerful bow. I wouldn’t be selling it if I thought I could ever use it again.

I took this sow with it back in the early spring.

This is a general idea of what it was like back when it was new, but mine is custom from the pro shop.

My wifes cousin used it a few weeks ago, and took this coyote.

Did I metion it was powerful?

Guys I dont even know what this old girl is even worth, so no reserve. It has been

a wonderful bow, but Ill never be able to shoot it again. If you would like some better pictures

email me an Ill send you some. This is a great bow that I hate to let it go, many memories with it too.

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