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Freedom0115 12-16-2007 04:43 PM

Mathews Bow for Sale!
I'm selling the "whole 9 yards" so to speak.

It is a Mathews SQ2, new in 2003 with a 31" A-to-A measurement. Included is, 13 Carbon Express arrows (4 of which have Lumenoks) complete with 100 gr field points, brand new Quick Spin vanes, a Kwikee Quiver, Tru glo sights, a Drop Zone drowaway rest, a wrist strap, and a film canister with extra field points and nocks. The cables are brand new (as of last summer) Zebra strings so they shouldn't need replaced for another year or so at LEAST. The bow also has a string loop, a peep sight with tube, a Hitech stabilizer, Sims vibration dampening string leeches and limb dampeners (PLUS the ones built into the bow). It is set for a 29" draw (which I adjustable by a pro shop) and I have it set around 65 lbs (+/-), I believe it can be cranked as low as 50 and as high as 70 lbs.

OH! PLUS, it comes with (IN) the Plano case it's pictured in! Needless to say, whoever gets this bow LITERALLY only needs a release and broadheads and they're good to go!

I'm asking $500 (or best offer) + shipping unless it can be picked up.

Serious inquiries, email me at [email protected]

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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