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Default AKC Lab puppies for sale

I have 12 lab puppies for sale, six black, six yellow. Two blk males, four blk females, two yellow males, four yellow females. They were born in February and will be ready to go in April. Mother is Black, father is Fox Red (Yellow). Father and mother hunt hard and are not gun shy. Great retrievers who will bring back anything you tell them to, including your kids. They are so friendly, my neighbors kids come over to see if they can come out to play with them. They both have an English build to them (father weighs an average of 75 lbs, mother weighs in at 65lbs, when she's not carrying). I am currently in Iraq, so I do not have any current pictures of them, but hope to have some soon. I will be back in April to help find good homes for the pups. I will post pictures of the parents as soon as I can so you have an idea of their looks, build and temperment. Well, I just tried to upload some pictures, but they are all larger than 200kbs. This one is the only one I have that's less than 200kbs. This is the father out dove hunting with me. He is in the process of finding one of the doves I shot. He's never failed in finding the bird.

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