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The damage is done. Canned hunting has been exposed.
Can hunting was exposed long ago. I'll be one of the first to say this type of thing is totally wrong, has nothing to do with hunting, and all involved should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I know alot of guys on this site (and in the hunting community in general) have a problem with "high fences" etc. Personally I dont have a problem with high fences because I know the difference between a well ran high fence ranch and a canned hunt, like the one discribed. I guess most of you guys hear about places like the one mentioned, and assume all "high fenced" ranches are ran like this one. I really cant blame some of you guys for thinking the way you do.

Country music star Ronnie Dunn testified that Bellar pointed out a deer for him to kill and that he shot it in a fenced-in pen. Under cross-examination by Bellar’s legal team, Dunn characterized the experience as something akin to "slaughtering cattle." (JM - Dunn also said it was sick & they had to almost kick it to get it to stand up -he paid $15,000 for it & hung it on his office wall!!!
Apparently Ronnie thought and knew that the animal he was about to shoot was not "fair chase" and totally went against the defintion of hunting. Yet he still had no problem pulling the trigger and mounting the animal on his wall. O' Well I never cared much for Brooks&Dunn any way.
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