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Default the pressure of the buck

i run across alot of so called trophy hunters. seems like everyones doing it or so they say. i always try hunting for the (big buck) but in the real world you don't kill a 150+ buck every year. for instance i have a friend that i've known all my life and has deer hunted as long as i have (about 17 years). he has killed two really nice buck in this time 130 something and a 150 something. NOW HES A PRO!!!! well anyway my younger brother who is 17 now has felt constant ridicule from this person for the last 3 brother and i always hunt together and he has become a really good hunter. he has harvested a handful of bucks 120 and better bow and gun. but god forbid he ever shoot anything less than that then its not a trophy. I say a trophy is what a trophy is to you. it might be because you hunted so hard for it or it was just the perfect hunt the weather was perfect it was a text book shot and recovery what ever it is its your trophy. I try to practice good management i've killed my share of big buck even some 150+ and one 174 but that doesnt mean anything less than that is garbage. bottom line is i saw alot of peoples happy moments destroy by thoughtless comments like we try to let deer like that go or by the way you described i thought he'd be bigger. dont pressure the young and keep your comments to yourself if you think it might hurt someones feelings. remember its hunting and we are all hunter , brothers of sorts you might say , lets treat one another as such
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