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Default ELK, How Big is BIG to you?

Here I am dreaming about elk again, go figure. Anyway I want to know how big does a elk have to be for you to say WOW thats a big bull. I know of some people who honesly don't care and they will shoot any elk, be it cow or bull. I have no problem with that because I too also agree any elk is a trophy. But I myself during most years have a goal that a bull must be certin size, to be a shooter. Most years that goal is any branch antlered bull. But I have also told myself that I will not drop the string on anything but a nice 6x6 bull. I have eaten tag soup and eating elk meet from a 6x6 when I set those goals. Both IMHO are not as good eating as a young spike bull or yearling cow. But the antlers are a nice plus. If someone asks me what I think is truly big, I will tell them nothing less than a 350 class bull, and a huge bull is 380 to 390 on up. My biggest bull so far is just shy of 300 but to me he is my trophy, hard earned with a bow and never to be taken away. Sure I want to kill a bigger elk with my bow but then on the other hand I just love to elk hunt period, and I have some great memories from elk that didn't have a 6x6 rack on their head.
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