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Default ruined my hunt!!!

My buddies and I have not had the time to hunt like we normally do. We hunt three or four properties and we just haven't had the chance to make it to one of them. Well every year we get together and hunt morning and evening for the last week of the season. It's fun we BBQ drink a little and catch up. A friend of ours comes down from TN and we make sure he gets at least one to justify paying for the out of state license. We hunted a couple of different properties the first two days and then we decided to go the the land we haven't been able to hunt. Dense forest, with good food plots cut in, and lots of trails and sign. Honestly this is my favorite place to hunt, but we wanted their to be no pressure on the deer, so we never hunted it. We we get into the woods a little bit later than normal and I set up in a ground blind in between the creek and where the deer bed down. lots of broken saplings, rubs, and scrapes. I was fired up because we have been after a fourteen pointer for three years. I'm not down for five minutes when I hear something walking up the trail. I get my gun up and just when I get a view I see it is a hunter. I get out and ask him who he is and he just tells me to be quiet. He says that his buddy has permission to hunt the land, and there are two other guys. One in each of our stands. Well I storm through the woods making as much noise as I can and this guy is following and just being as nice as he can be, of course he knew he was caught. We leave, and my buddies dad goes up there and raises cane because his family has been the only ones allowed to hunt the land for twenty years. Any way they admit they don't know the old lady that owns it and leave, but they had been their all season. The trails were marked, scent sticks were hung everywhere, new trails were made, and camo was up in our stands. Anyway my buddy has not gotten his deer and we are all pi$$ed.

sorry this post is so long, but I just had to rant.
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