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Default RE: Is the Ruger 204 Big enough for Whitetail

Good link and like the writer said "When selecting a 22 cal for big game the question is why?" Good question. One problem with the .22 cal and such, even the bigger stuff is that you must have proper bullet construction for the game you are hunting. Most if not all .22 cal ammo is loaded for varmint type stuff, not deer. As a result of this you get bullet blow up, not penitration. Momentum has to be figured into this for good penitration and it aint going to work with a .22 with the powders we have!!!
Look at a 150 grain 3006 for example, for a 55 grain bullet to equal the 06 momentum then all we have to do is get a bullet properly constructed and push it at 9,500 FPS! Not bad huh, but what a wood chuck masher. This info and much more is to be found in the book Understanding Ballistics by Robert A. Rinker, a good read and the math is made simple enough for me so check it out. Well worth the money no matter where you stand on this issue.
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