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Default RE: Is the Ruger 204 Big enough for Whitetail

bow hunting wounding is a bunch of nosence if you have
hunters that shoot more than 3 arrows the day before sesone
I have killed many deer with my bow but i practice yr
around to compettive shooting no my limitations
and havent lost one yet
also i bet there is more deer wounded with ppl that think they need
a big mag powerd rifle to kill a deer than with a bow
i mean what did they in 1800 to kill animals and hand made bows
and arrows and they killed up to bisen so
i think bowhunting is wounding is ppl the dontknow the sport
as with anything humans are not perfect u will make a mistake sometime
wether it be a bow or a rocket laucher
your own words show respect for the sport

as for the 204 i dont think it would in the shoulder
but thats my opion

sorry to hear bout the suiside thats sucks

ppl like expermenting why dont someone try to kill a deer
with your kids old bb gun aim for

as for the ppl that think the 243 is minimal GOOD
i want minimal that will humanly kill a deer
no wasted meat
the mag crase whats up with that why dont we gernads
fire shooters save time on looking for both halfs

soory for getting off the subject

happy and save hunting
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