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Default RE: Hindsight...anyone use it?

Well, VC, looks to me like the only way to legitimize this thread is to add a review. <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle> So here goes...

Frustrations with a peep (regular tube peep, C-Peep, Shurz-a-Peep) let me to try the Hind Site. Installation is quite simple. Remove your front sight, then put the Hind Site plate between the riser and your sight mount and put the screws back in. Then adjust the Hind Site so that your anchor point remains the same. Once you get it close, minor adjustments can be made with your front sight. Since the sight plain is shorter, finer adjustments are needed. It seems that micro-adjustable front sights would be a great combination with this sight. The 20 yard (or whatever you want) pin is what you use to set your Hind Sight. When shooting the 30 yard pin, you keep the 20 centered in the Hind Sight and just bring it above the target until the 30 is on the target with the 20 centered in the Hind Sight. It sounds complicated, but it is not and it is easy to get used to since your anchor point naturally wants the 20 yard pin centered.
1. The plate could be heavier. But that is why they make other models with more adjustability and heavier aluminum plates. Some models include the front sight.
2. Fine adjustment of the Hind sight is somewhat difficult. That is why I recommend making fine adjustments with the front sight.
3. The adjustment nuts need to be nice and snug so they don't work loose. I used a plyers and it hasn't budged, but I also cannot loosen then with fingers now.

1. Bye Bye peep. I don't miss it whatsoever. As I come to my anchor point, the Hind Sight verifies that I hit the right spot.
2. I've experimented quite a bit with different grips since I got the Hind Sight. It easily shows if you are torquing.
3. The price is right. $20 for the basic model.
4. Great support. I had a question about my particular bow, and got a call back from support within two hours.
5. You look through the Hind Sight, not off then back ala No-Peep.
6. My groups tightened up, mostly due to a more consistent grip and no torquing.
7. Of course, the small speed gain from having no peep on your string. My string has a string loop, and two small string silencers. That's it.
8. The crosshairs glow in the dark for several hours. It really lights up. Now if I could just get a bit of that glow back down the fiber line to my front sight...

So, yes, I like the Hind Sight. It is what I've been looking for, and if I did buy something else... it would be just maybe a different model of Hind Sight.

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