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Are you getting good groups with the gun??? With an inline, I usually remove the breech plug and sight through the barrel at 50 yards and adjust the bore and the scope at my target at 50 yards...I use a 2 foot by 2 foot target, with the bullseye in the center....I then shoot one shot...and clean the barrel with 3 patches of rubbing alcohol...both sides of patch and I squeeze the patches so they are damp...not soaking wet...then I run one dry patch down the barrel and follow with a lightly oiled patch and another dry patch...then shoot twice more, cleaning again between each shot....The barrel has to be cleaned the same way between each shot to get a consistant group...then if I have a decent group, I adjust the scope and move to 100 yards...I usually sight in about 2-2 1/2 inches high at 100yards....As others have must have all scope screws tight and reliable scope...I also check all the screws that hold the barrel to the stock, before I begin shooting...But before you can start finetuning a scope, you need to work up a load that will group well in your gun...this takes time, it is a lucky man that can find a good combination in just one range session...Good luck

PS...If you have the gun grouping at 100 yards, and you are say 4 inches to the left and 3 inches low...and your scope is like most with 1/4 inch move the adjustment screws 16 clicks right and 12 clicks hit dead on at 100 yards...If you check after this adjustment and you are not dead on at 100...You may have a scope (or loose scope screws) problem...
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