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Default Neighbor shot a 190" typical saturday

We got done hunting in iowa on sunday, and decided to drop in on the neighbor's to see what they got. when we pulled up, i could see a huge antler sticking out behind the other hanging deer. i walked over, and saw a HUGE buck. Turns out its a 190" typical 10 point with a small sticker on his left G-2. Theres quite a story behind him too. Our neighbor had been hunting the buck for 3 years. In fact, he found both sheds from last year and they scored over 200 typical inches. The rack is actually in decline, and the deer is estimated to be 8 1/2 years old. The neighbor has been bowhunting him all fall and hit him in the leg 3 weeks ago. The deer would not have made it through the winter with the wound, so it was good he was shot now. Several people had seen him on our land, as well as all around the country side. I'll try and get some pictures of him to post on here. Just an all around HUGE buck. hopefully he passed on those genes.

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