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Default Interesting tie to this area and Chai Vang

I heard from a game warden the other day that during the investigation of Chai Vang, the guy who killed 6 men here in Wisconsin, they found ties to this area. Turns out he camped in Yellow River State Forest in Iowa, which is maybe a 1/2 mile from our 640 acres there. We've found campfires from Hmong hunters on our land, and our neighbors have caught them tresspassing. The game warden also said they caughta Hmong hunter with 30 squirrels. Things like that get you thinking..I mean, it could have been ME he snapped on someday i was out hunting instead of 8 people in Northern Wisconsin. I'm not saying the Hmong's are bad people, but the game wardens continually catch them overbagging adn tresspassing. they'll confiscate their guns and they'll be back the next week with new guns. i guess they bring them in on buses. drop them off and pickthem up later. i just think its crazy that a month ago when i was out huntingn on my land that Chai Vang could have been in my vicinty. I know its given me a different outlook on confronting tresspassers and wearing plenty of orange.

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