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Default Well...i finally got my deer...not how i expected tho!!

so i go to work yesterday morning around 7 and we are standing at the shop where we meet every morning(i am an electrical apprentice), and all of a sudden someone yells 'hey theres a buck caught in the fence!' so sure enought there is abig buck in the fence of the cemetary across the road.. so me and a couple other guys go to take a look at it. it had tried to jump the fence but slipped on some ice and an 8 inch spike on the top of the fence and caught his chest and stuck him right through the lung. so hes hanging there dead as a stump with all 4 legs clinging on to the fence, he was off the ground at least 2 feet. so it takes 3 of uss to lift him off the spike and onto the ground. Then my boss yells from across the road to put it in my i pull the truck up and we lift him in and go back scross to the shop. As it turns out my boss had phoned the cops to report it and they said if anyone had a tag to put it on it and the deer was yours...luckily i had my tag left because i hunt in a camp for gun, and i was still waitning on mr. buck while my boss said i could take a couple hours off to take it home, gut it out and hang it. It is a monster 8 point with a 24 inch spread. Live weight im guessing over 2 hundred pounds! So i am quite happy, even tho i would prefer to get him with my bow, but since this is the last day of bow season i am not to picky lol anywyas just thought id share that story with you all, i think its a pretty cool story lol
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