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Default Deer Aren't Dropping

Ok here goes. I have shot 5 deer in my time. I am using a Win M70 in .308. The first three deer that I have shot were with 180gr Federal American Eagle Soft points. All three ran a total of 5 ft combined.

Recently I switched to 165 gr Federal Premium Soft Points because I was shooting 1" groups with it at the range. The last two deer that I shot have both run on me. The second to last deer I shot was at 25 yds, perfect broad side shot right behind the vitals. No exit wound and the deer ran about 70 yds. The last deer I shot was about 70 yds, again a good broad side shot. The deer went down, while trying to shoot another deer outside of my blind I spooked it and it ran into the woods. Before I could get to it a pack of coyotes were heard eating it in the distance. There was no blood trail at all other than the 4 ft length of blood at the poi. I never found the deer so I don't know where I hit it but I am sure it was a pretty good shot.

Is there that much difference in a 165gr and 180gr bullet? Or is it just dumb luck on the last two?

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