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Default Team 2 :Close but no Cigar

Decided to bowhunt on the ground yesterday. As I was walking around an oak tree jutting out into the field a deer was 60 yrds on the other side making a scrape line. He was slowly working his way to me right at dark. I crouched down on the other side and waited. The deer began to come around the tree as I drew back. Apparently he saw me and stopped. As i aimed he snorted and bolted back across the field. I got an arrow off to no avail. Really just shooting to get lucky. As he ran, I could really see how big his rack was. Very wide and tall for a S GA buck. Good 8 or 10. Good 130 class buck. Hope I get another shot at him soon. Opportunities don't come around that often with a bow. Hopefully I will catch him on a hot doe during the next 2 weeks. Any suggestions on weather he is gone for good or if he will be back? I am going to move a stand around to a funnel that he is going in and out of the field at.
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