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Default RE: rubs and scrapes

Rubs: rubs are made by bucks. Old and young, big and small. The are made durring the shedding of velvet and are used as sign post through out the fall /rut to mark territory, dominance and communicate with other animals.

Scrapes: scrapes can be made and used by any deer. Basically they are used year round although are more prevelent durring the fall and rut. They are used to communicate with other deer. Also a sign post of sorts. Most scrapes are acompanied by a licking branch that hangs over the scrap.

Where do they make them: Rubs and scrapes are generally made in high use areas. Along runs and in staging areas is a good place to look for these types of sign.

Why do they make them: They are made primarily to communicate with other deer. This is espicaly so durring the rut when bucks are trying to locate does in esterous.

How do they make them: Rubs are made by bucks rubbing their antlers against a tree or bush. they also leave scent behind from their forehead gland as a scent marker.
Scraes are made by bucks and does by digging at the ground with their hooves. They then urinate into the scrape. A licking branch is an itricate part of the scrape. It consist of a low hanging branch that the deer lick and rub their heards on to leave scent from their forhead glands.

How do you make fake ones: fake or "mock" scrapes can be a very effective tool for hunting. Mock rubs are seldom used though IME. To make a mock scrape you first need to locate a good place for the scrape. Old scrape sights are good locations as the deer have already picked these spots and shown a willingness to use the site. If you want to make a new mock scrape a good location would be in a staging area or a place where mulitple runs converge. It should be in a spot that offers cover for the deer. A mockk scrape in the wide open is likely to get little attention. Once you have a location picked out the next thing to do is construct the scrap. Scent control is of utmost importance. I suggest taking a shower, dressing in clean clothers sprayed with scent eliminator and wearing laytex gloves. Using a stick or small garden tool scrape away the debris on the grond in your selected location. Scrape down to bare dirt and add 1-1.5oz of scent to the scrape. (I prefer Buck Fever Synthetic pre/post rut) and then hang a scent dripper above the scrape with more of the same scent. I spray down my dripper with scent eliminator before hanging it in the tree. Now give it a week or so. If your location is well chosen the deer will literally take it over.
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