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Default RE: how did GW get elected in 2000 ??

And if you listen closely Bush told you what he will do and has done. And Kerry in his polished glory basically tried to baffle us with BS. His answers were basically either Rhetorical or Bush bashing. I heard nothing of any substance in his words.

Actions speak louder than words...and Kerry's action scare me! Just like the other night I got a call from the AFL-CIO telling me that Kerry IS NOT after my guns!??!??! Well his Senate record(action) tells me a different story? So I have to beleive on what He's done and not "how" he says he's going to do something. BUsh comes off as a regular guy, He probably hates speaking in big crowds, I know I do and I can relate to that and I think many others can too. I think that is where he gets his popularity is He seems more like you or I up there? My two cents.
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