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Default RE: Tuning: Adjusting Nock Position

Thanks for the illustration.

I checked my bow tonight. Looks like the shop put the whisker bisquit too low. When I nock an arrow, the plunger hole (berger hole) was pretty much fully visible. Guess i'll have to move it.

Also, they set up my nock point which is a whole other debate. I'm still not sure how i'm going to move it up or down. I'm shooting with a string loop, and let me tell you, it might spin, but it won't budge at all in the virticle direction.[:'(]

Carwi: You mention that you have specs on how far the arrow should be from the riser. Since I purchased my bow used, it didn't come with any manual to speak of. Is there a web site dedicated to gathering this information? Also, is there any easy way to check for 90 degree angle from arrow to string? It seems like the bottom knot on the string loop is in the way of getting a square in there as well as the fletching of the arrows.

Thanks again for all the friendly help. It is most appreciated!
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