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Default RE: Tuning: Adjusting Nock Position

ORIGINAL: mjqood0

Okay! Thanks a lot!

Let me re-state this to make sure I've got it right...

The arrow should pass directly over the berger hole. Therefore, adjust the elevation of the rest to accomplish this. Once that is done, you move the nock point to a 90 degree point from an arrow sitting in the now properly adjusted rest. With this complete, you can go about paper tuning according to Easton's instructions.

When I get home, I'll have to look at my rest to see if this holds true! Let's see if the Archery shop did their job!

Thanks again!
Sounds like you got it! Also, set your rest according to your bow Mfg recommended centershot. Mine is 13/16" from the center of the arrow to the riser. Yours will vary. That will set your L-R orientation and be sure your arrow covers the berger hole and set your nock point as illustrated above. This will get you shooting pretty good from the start. Then I'd follow the Easton Guide from there with paper tuning, group tuning, etc. etc. Good luck and let us know if we can help. Here is an illustration using the NAP 2000RG I put on my bow many months back. Had my WB set up the same (arrow over berger hole).

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