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Default RE: Tuning: Adjusting Nock Position

Yes, you can move the rest up and down to adjust the arrow to be 90 degrees of the string. But, I personally like to have the arrow just cover the the berger hole and move my nocking point up and down. I use only a string loop and this can be very tricky to set. You may be able to use the method you mention to "screw" it up or down the string, however in short order mine just gets too tight. I set my rest to the arrow is centered over the berger hole in front of the rest then adjust my arrow up and down on the string until I get to approximately 90* of the string then I tie the top knot of my loop and move it up and down till I get it set perfectly perpendicular to the sting using a small level on my string and arrow to get the 90*. Then I'll tie in my second knot of my loop and cinch tight. Any adjustments after that I make with the rest which is very seldom or very very little, still covering the berger hole with my arrow. With my experience I find my setup to shoot tighter groups if you can keep the arrow centered over the berger hole. I hope I haven't confused you any. I have a bad habit of not expaining things clearly!![&:]
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