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Default Tuning: Adjusting Nock Position

I just got new arrows and was going to tackle tuning my bow with them myself.

I've read the Easton article, but have a few questions:

1. When it says to move the nock up / down, can't this be accomplished the same by moving the rest down / up? It seems far easier to adjust the elevation of the rest than removing the nock. I'm shooting a string loop, so I guess I could move the nock up / down if necessary by sliding it on the serving. Actually, it's quite tight, so I might have to spin it up or down by using the serving as sort of a threadded screw (I hope i'm making sense).

2. When starting out, how does one know where to put the nock on the string? I understand that the rest is positioned off of that, but there seems to be a lot of room for error with placing the nock point.

3. I've been having the problem of my string loop rotating on the string. (Actually, I think it's the string twisting.) Is it okay to just twist it back so the loop faces the right direction? Or am I actually moving the nock point up / down by "screwing" the up / down on the serving.

Sorry for all these questions, but I figure I must ask to learn!

Thanks in advance!
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