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Default Gun Contest opens tommorow!! Good luck and

You guys make sure and take those pics. I don't want problems down the line with someone saying, "I didn't know!" I guarantee you someone will get their feelings hurt when we don't allow an entry because they didn't follow the rules.



Get a pic taken with you, your weapon, and the whole buck in the pic.

Green score your buck immediately using the B&C system with no deducts. Links are in the Rules Post. If your not sure what you are doing, ask, we will help.

Post your score and pic in the Official Scorecard Post!! (Post these at the same time or we can't enter it until both score and pic are available.) Score is not an official entry until myself or a mod. enters it in the team totals.

*Any disputes will be handled by myself and the board Mod's, and all decisions are final. Board mod's not in the contest will be used if available.

You must count your first buck taken!!!!

And finally, good luck!!
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