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Default RE: Team 6, Lets check in

Hi all My name is Mike (everyone together................HI MIKE!) I live in cincinnati ohio, i have to travel in the county a little to hunt. I am 25yrs old, spent 5yrs Marines and 2yrs Army and working for the U.S.government, currently i work for a college in ohio. I began hunting when i was like 10yrs old, i have taken two real trophy deer from ohio. I have been hunting the same area since and just now realized where the trophy deer are, and the property i hunt has 130plus size deer on it, like its nothing, there are some really big trophy deer there and i plan to harvest one of them! I live 8months outta the year just to spend the other 4 hunting! As far as a team name...........ummmmmmmmmm ill work on it!
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