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Hey guys,

My name is Jeromy Speyrer and I hunt in the Texas Hill Country. We have a private lease with 1200 acres and 8 hunters. We have been practicing QDM for the last 7 years and have had great results. Last year I harvested a 130" 9 point late in the season. Not the best buck I have seen out there, but it was mature (6 1/2-7 1/2) and good enough for me. I hope to post a nice buck this year. We have seen some very nice bucks this summer that should push into the 140s and 150s. Kinda makes you think about what you aren't seeing Our season starts first weekend of November and runs through the first weekend of January. We are a rifle only lease so I won't be able to take advantage of the early bow season. I always take the first week off from work and spend the entire time up at the lease hunting.

Oh, by the way. I hunt with a 22-250 and I shoot everything in the neck. I hope that doesn't offend anyone

Anyways, I look forward to a good season and I hope to contribute
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