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Default RE: Team 3 - Check in here!!

Just call be Bow

I hunt in Maine and New Hampshire. Season opened on the 11th in Maine and I saw 3 bucks and passed shots on two small 6 pointers in the first 45 minutes of the season. This was best start by far. Hopefully letting these little bucks walk will pay dividens latter in the season. In Maine I hunt on a 3 acre parcel that is made up of tall pines and a vert thick creek bottom. Although this property is small it has proved to be my honey hole in the past. In New Hampshire I have 54 private acres as well as a very thuroughly scouted public ground in the northern reaches of the state. I can hunt from last Saturday through the middle of December. This is going to be my first season hunting entirely with my bow. Believe it nor not my bow has proven to be my most lethal weapon.

I hope I can contribute to a sucessful team effort.

Welcome all and good luck!
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