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I have just a few suggestions. First, your hunting technique should be the one you have the most confidence in. If you haven't had time to do any scouting and the area is fairly new to you get a topo map and find terrain features that would cause the deer to funnel into an area. (i.e. saddles, benches, edges of long steep drop-offs etc.) If you know the area well and have had success in a particular area, start there. Ask the landowner what he has seen over the last few weeks. Talk to people who have hunted there over the last few years if the will tell you the truth. Look at an aerial photo of the area and find go to the old stand-by, find a thick bedding area and find the feeding area than set up in between. During pre-rut, try to get a close to the bedding are as you dare to catch the bucks. And move closer to the feeding area the closer the peak of the rut gets. Good luck
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